Eurocopter AS-365N Dauphin 2 & EC-155

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeTwin engine mid sized utility helicopter
  • PowerplantsAS-365N-2 - Two 550kW (739shp) Turboméca Arriel 1C2 turboshafts driving a four blade main rotor and Fenestron shrouded tail rotor. EC-155 - Two 635kW (851shp) takeoff rated Arriel 2Cs driving a five blade main rotor and Fenestron shrouded tail rotor.
  • PerformanceAS-365N-2 - Max cruising speed 285km/h (154kt), economical cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 1380ft/min. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 8365ft, out of ground effect 5905ft. Range with standard fuel 900km (485nm). EC-155 - Max cruising speed at sea level 263km/h (142kt), economical cruising speed at sea level 252km/h (136kt).
  • WeightsAS-365N-2 - Empty 2240kg (4940lb), max takeoff 4250kg (9370lb). EC-155 - Empty 2353kg (5187lb), max takeoff 4800kg (10,582lb) or with a sling load 5000kg (11,023lb).
  • DimentionsAS-365N-2 - Main rotor diameter 11.94m (39ft 2in), length overall rotor turning 13.68m (44ft 11in), height 3.98m (13ft 1in). Main rotor disc area 111.9m2 (1205sq ft). EC-155 - Main rotor diameter 12.60m (41ft 4in), length overall rotor turning 14.43m (47ft 4in), fuselage length 12.70m (41ft 8in), height 4.35m (14ft 3in). Main rotor disc area 124.7m2 (1342.1sq ft).
  • CapacityOne pilot (VFR) or two pilots (IFR), and max seating for 13 passengers (with one pilot). Standard passenger seating for eight or nine. EC-155 - Standard seating for 14 including one or two pilots.
  • ProductionApproximately 650 AS-365/366/565s ordered. The 500th Dauphin of all models delivered in 1991. 20 EC-155s ordered.

The (initially Aerospatiale) AS-365n Dauphin 2 is one of Eurocopter's best plans and has discovered boundless use in corporate, police, media, EMS and hunt and salvage parts around the world.

The AS-365n is an abundantly enhanced improvement of the first SA-365c Dauphin 2 (portrayed under Aerospatiale). Until January 1990 the AS-365 models were assigned SA-365, and in 1992 Aerospatiale's helicopter division was consolidated into Eurocopter. The AS-356n presented all the more influential Arriel 1c turboshafts, amplified tail surfaces, reconsidered transmission, fundamental rotor, rotor pole fairing and motor cowling, and retractable tricycle undercarriage. The AS-365n first flew on March 31 1979. Conveyances started in right on time 1982.

The US Coast Guard took conveyance of 99 HH-65a Dolphins (SA-366g-1). These flying machine are controlled by Textron (Avco) Lycoming LTS-101s and are enhanced for the USCG's pursuit and salvage part.

Conveyances of the enhanced AS-365n-2 started in 1990. It peculiarities updated Arriel 1c2 motors, enhanced gearbox, expanded max takeoff weight, overhauled lodge entryways, amended inside and discretionary EFIS instrumentation.

The AS-365n-3 is a hot and high advancement with FADEC prepared Arriel 2cs. Conveyances started in December 1998.

The enhanced EC-155 (at first AS-365n-4) advancement was published at the 1997 Paris Airshow. It gimmicks twin Arriel 2cs outfitted with FADEC, a five edge Spheriflex principle rotor and a 40% bigger primary lodge, attained with lump entryways. Initially flight was on June 17 1997, with French and German accreditation granted in December 1998.

Military AS-365ns have been offered AS-565 Panthers. Utility forms are the AS-565ua/UB, assault adaptations are the AS-565aa/AB, while the AS-565ma/MB are prepared for maritime hunt and salvage, and the AS-565sa/SB for ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) obligations.

Pictures of Eurocopter AS-365N Dauphin 2 & EC-155