Eurocopter AS-355 Ecureuil 2

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeTwin engined light utility helicopter
  • PowerplantsAS-355F - Two 315kW (420shp) Allison 250-C20F turboshafts driving a three blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. AS-355N - Two 302kW (406shp) max continuous rated Turboméca TM-319-1A Arrius turboshafts.
  • PerformanceAS-355F - Max cruising speed 224km/h (121kt). Initial rate of climb 1280ft/min. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 5900ft. Service ceiling 11,150ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 703km (380nm). AS-355N - Max cruising speed 222km/h (120kt), economical cruising speed 217km/h (117kt). Initial rate of climb 1260ft/min. Hovering ceiling out of ground effect 2460ft. Range with max fuel 722km (390nm).
  • WeightsAS-355F - Empty 1305kg (2877lb), max takeoff 2540kg (5600lb) or 2600kg (5732lb) with external sling load. AS-355N - Empty 1436kg (3166lb), max takeoff 2600kg (5732lb).
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 10.69m (35ft 1in), length overall rotors turning 12.94m (42ft 6in), fuselage length 10.91m (35ft 10in), height 3.14m (10ft 4in). Main rotor disc area 89.8m2 (966.1sq ft).
  • CapacityStandard seating for six, including two forward seats and a four place rear bench seat. Can be configured for police, ambulance, EMS and media missions.
  • ProductionOrders for military AS-555s and civil AS-355s total over 880. Helibras of Brazil has built over 25 AS-355s under licence.

The twin engined part of the Ecureuil (= Squirrel) family, the AS-355 Ecureuil 2 offers more noteworthy execution, convey capacity and the expanded wellbeing profits of twin motors contrasted with the single engined AS-350.

Improvement of the first twin motor Ecureuil started ahead of schedule in the model's advancement life, with the first flying on September 28 1979. This model was fueled by two Allison 250-C20f turboshafts, supplying force to the primary and tail rotors through a joining together gearbox. Put into creation as the AS-355e, it was basically a twin engined variant of the AS-350 with subtle element changes made to the fuselage structure, fuel framework, transmission and fundamental rotor sharpened pieces of steels to help the twin motor arrangement. In the same manner as the AS-350, the AS-355 peculiarities the support free Starflex principle rotor center point, while the primary rotor cutting edges are of composite development.

The AS-355f supplanted the AS-355e from right on time 1982, and presented new more extensive harmony fundamental rotor sharpened pieces of steels and a higher max takeoff weight. The AS-355f was trailed by the AS-355f-1 in January 1984 and AS-355f-2 in December 1985, which presented continuously higher most extreme takeoff weights.

The current generation model is the AS-355n Ecureuil 2 which presented twin Turbomeca TM-319 Arrius turboshafts. It was certificated in 1989 and first conveyances occurred from right on time 1992. It is showcased in North America as the Twinstar. Similarly as with the single engined AS-550, the twin motor military AS-555 is promoted as the Fennec (the AS-555sn is fitted with a jaw mounted quest radar for ASW).

Aerospatiale's helicopter division was incorporated into Eurocopter in January 1992.

The AS-355 is manufactured under permit in Brazil as the Helibras HB-355 Esquilo.

Pictures of Eurocopter AS-355 Ecureuil 2