Enstrom F-28/280/480

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeThree and five seat light helicopters
  • PowerplantsF-28A - One 155kW (205hp) Lycoming HIO-360-C1B flat four piston engine driving a three blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. 280FX - One 170kW (225hp) Textron Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD with Rotomaster turbocharger. 480 - One 215kW (285shp) takeoff rated Allison 250-C20W turboshaft.
  • PerformanceF-28A - Max cruising speed 161km/h (87kt). Initial rate of climb 950ft/min. Service ceiling 12,000ft. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 5600ft. Range with max fuel 380km (205nm). 280FX - Max cruising speed 189km/h (102kt), economical cruising speed 172km/h (93kt). Initial rate of climb 1450ft/min. Certificated ceiling 12,000ft. Hovering ceiling out of ground effect 8700ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 483km (260nm). 480 - Cruising speed 211km/h (114kt) at 1293kg (2850lb). Initial rate of climb 1500ft/min. Service ceiling 13,000ft. Hovering ceiling out of ground effect 12,000ft. Max range 806km (435nm).
  • WeightsF-28A - Empty 657kg (1450lb), max takeoff 975kg (2150lb). 280FX - Empty equipped 719kg (1585lb), max takeoff 1179kg (2600lb). 480 - Empty 760kg (1675lb), max takeoff 1292kg (2850lb).
  • DimentionsF-28A - Main rotor diameter 9.75m (32ft 0in), length overall 8.94m (29ft 4in), fuselage length 8.56m (28ft 1in), height to top of rotor hub 2.79m (9ft 2in). Main rotor disc area 74.7m2 (804sq ft). 280FX - Same except for length overall 8.92m (29ft 3in). 480 - Main rotor diameter 9.75m (32ft 0in), fuselage length 9.09m (29ft 10in), height to main rotor hub 2.92m (9ft 7in).
  • CapacityThree seats in the F-28 and 280, five seats in 480. Can also be fitted with agricultural spraying gear.
  • ProductionProduction of all versions exceeds 1000. Approximately 45 480s built.

This long running line of three, four and five spot light helicopters goes once more to the late 1950s and stays in generation.

The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation was initially structured in 1959, and the three spot F-28 was its first item. The principal F-28 model made its lady flight on November 12 1960, with the generation model of the F-28 flying in May 1962. Since that time various advancements of the essential outline have been fabricated. These incorporate the F-28a which showed up in 1968; the T-28 controlled by a Garrett Airesearch Tse36-1 turbine motor, which flew in 1968, however was not taken into creation, the Model 280 Shark from 1973, an enhanced variant with a reprofiled airframe which supplemented the F-28a in generation; and the turbocharged F-28c and 280c, which were certificated in 1975.

The model for the Allison (now Rolls-Royce) 250 turboshaft fueled 480 five seater and TH-28 three seat coach first flew in 1989 after a verification of idea 280fx testbed controlled by an Allison 250-C20w started test flying the past year. The 480 was certificated in June 1993, the TH-28, which Enstrom unsuccessfully entered into a late US Army rivalry for another pilot preparing helicopter, was certificated in 1992 and is gone for preparing and light watch work.

Flow Enstrom generation models are the F-28f Falcon which initially showed up in 1981; the FLIR case prepared F-28f-P Sentinel which is upgraded for police work; the three seat 280fx Shark which was certificated in right on time 1988; and the turbine fueled 480 and TH-28.

Pictures of Enstrom F-28/280/480