Diamond DA-42 Twin Star

  • CountryAustria
  • TypeFour seat light twin
  • PowerplantsTwo 100kW (135hp) Thielert Centurion 1.7 avtur burning turbo diesel four cylinder piston engines driving three blade MTV-6A-129 hydraulic constant speed propellers.
  • PerformanceCruising speed at 95% power at 12,000ft 376km/h (203kt), economical cruising speed 334km/h (180kt). Initial rate of climb 1700ft/min. Max operating altitude 20,000ft. Range at 60% power with standard fuel 1912km (1061nm), with optional fuel tanks 2677km (1485nm).
  • WeightsEmpty 1030kg (2270lb), max takeoff 1650kg (3673lb). Payload 620kg (1366lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 13,42m (44ft), length 8.5m (27.8ft), height 2.6m (8,5ft). Wing area 16.5 m2 (177.2sq ft).
  • CapacityStandard seating for four.
  • Production4 (end 2004).

The Diamond DA-42 Twin Star is an all new four spot carbonfibre development light twin controlled by plane fuel smoldering turbo diesel motors.

Austria's Diamond Aircraft disclosed the DA-42 at the May 2002 Berlin Airshow. The new air ship flew on December 9 2002, prompting European JAA affirmation in late 2003 and US FAA certificate and first conveyances in mid 2004.

The Twin Star's outline targets incorporate rapid voyage at low throttle settings and great low speed taking care of. It is inexactly demonstrated on Diamond's DA-40 Diamond Star single motor four spot (see separate section), and gimmicks an all composite airframe with a high angle proportion wing with winglets.

The heart of the Twin Star is its two Thielert Centurion 1.7 (once in the past TAE-125) turbo diesel four chamber motors, which are intended to run on either diesel or Jet-A1/plane fuel. Germany based Thielert's Centurion turbo diesel motor was certificated in ahead of schedule 2002 and is focused around a Mercedes-Benz auto plan. Precious stone expects the DA-42's two motors will blaze only 45 liters a hour while cruising at a quick 333km/h (180kt). Standard fuel limit is 200 liters, while noncompulsory long run tanks take most extreme fuel ability to 280 liters.

The motors drive moderate turning three sharpened steel consistent velocity propellers, which joined with the motors' low clamor discharges and the DA-42's quick climb rate will bring about a low ground commotion signature. The motors additionally offer electronic fuel administration, programmed prop controls and auto plume.

The Twin Star will offer double controls and a discretionary EFIS glass cockpit with three vertical configuration shade Lcds. The essential airplane will be furnished with routine IFR flying.

Precious stone Aircraft says the DA-42 will be suitable for flight preparing and private and business utilization.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University was the dispatch client with a request for 10, and Lufthansa requested 40 for its pilot preparing school. An alternate client is Pureflight of the UK which requested the Twin Star for its partial proprietorship program.

Pictures of Diamond DA-42 Twin Star