Cessna 560XL Citation Excel

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeSmall to mid size corporate jet
  • PowerplantsTwo 16.9kN (3804lb) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-545A turbofans.
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed at 35,000ft 795km/h (429kt). Initial rate of climb 3790ft/min. Max certificated altitude 45,000ft. Range at economical cruising speed with two crew, four passengers and reserves 3852km (2080nm).
  • WeightsStandard empty 5402kg (11,910lb), max takeoff 9071kg (20,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 16.98m (55ft 10in), length 15.79m (51ft 10in), height 5.24m (17ft 3in). Wing area 34.5m2 (369.7sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Choice of four interior configurations with seating for up to 10 passengers in main cabin.
  • ProductionFirst delivery July 1998, over 300 built by September 2002.

One of the most recent parts of Cessna's broad line of Citation business streams, the Citation Excel joins the lodge width and standup headroom solace of the Citation X in another little/medium size bundle.

The new Excel came about because of client conference over what they needed in a light corporate plane in addition to advances in motor and airframe engineering. The premise of the Excel is an abbreviated Citation X fuselage (the same fuselage cross segment as was utilized within the Citation III, VI and VII), consolidated with an adjusted unswept supercritical wing focused around the Citation V Ultra's, the V's cruciform tail design and new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-545a arrangement turbofans.

Other outline peculiarities incorporate trailing connection fundamental undercarriage units and a standard Honeywell Primus 1000 three 20 x 18cm (8 x 7in) screen EFIS flying bundle (two Primary Flight Displays, one for each one pilot, and a multifunction show).

Cessna claims the Citation Excel's lodge is the biggest of any light business plane. It emphasizes standup headroom and a dropped passageway that runs the length of the fundamental lodge. Situated head and breathing room is more noteworthy than that in the Citation II and V, while the lodge length is like the Citation I, II, VI and VII.

The Excel was one of the first applications for the new era PW-500 arrangement motors. The Excel's 16.9kn (3804lb) PW-545as (derated from 19.9kn/4450lb, with a TBO of 5000 hours) are fitted with Nordam push reversers as standard and the motors permit it to voyage at 801km/h (432kt).

Cessna published it was creating the Excel at the NBAA tradition in October 1994. Model development started in February 1995 and it flew shockingly on February 29 1996. The principal creation Excel took off in November 1997 and the sort was certificated in April 1998, with first conveyances starting mid that year at which arrange in excess of 200 were on request.

Cesna conveyed the 100th Excel in August 2000, at which time the organization was building one like clockwork. Cessna says this is the speediest slope up of generation of any Citation fly yet.

Pictures of Cessna 560XL Citation Excel