Cessna 560 Citation V, Ultra & Ultra Encore

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeSmall to midsize corporate jet
  • PowerplantsV - Two 12.9kN (2900lb) Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D5A turbofans. Ultra - Two 13.6kN (3045lb) JT15D5Ds. Ultra Encore - Two 14.9kN (3360lb) P&WC PW535As.
  • PerformanceV - Cruising speed 790km/h (427kt). Initial rate of climb 3650ft/min. Range with six passengers, two crew and reserves 3558km (1920nm). Ultra - Max cruising speed 796km/h (430kt). Initial rate of climb 4100ft/min. Certificated ceiling 45,000ft. Range with five passengers 3630km (1960nm). Ultra Encore - Max cruising speed at mid cruise weight 798km/h (431kt). Certificated ceiling 45,000ft. Max range with IFR reserves 3150km (1700nm).
  • WeightsV - Empty equipped 4004kg (8828lb), max takeoff 7212kg (15,900lb). Ultra - Empty 4196kg (9250lb), operating empty 4377kg (9650lb), max takeoff 7393kg (16,300lb). Ultra Encore - Empty approx 4526kg (9977lb), max takeoff 7544kg (16,630lb).
  • DimentionsV & Ultra - Wing span 15.91m (52ft 3in), length 14.90m (48ft 11in), height 4.57m (15ft 0in). Wing area 31.8m2 (342.6sq ft). Ultra Encore - Same except height 4.63m (15ft 1in). Wing Span 16.49m (54 ft 1in), Wing Area 322 sq ft.
  • CapacityV - Typical seating for eight passengers. Ultra/Ultra Encore - Standard seating arrangements for seven or eight passengers.
  • Production262 Citation Vs built through to mid 1994. Approx 340 Ultras built. Ultra Encore deliveries due to begin second quarter 2000.

The Citation V, Citation Ultra and Ultra Encore are the biggest straight wing parts of Cessna's exceptionally effective Citation gang.

Cessna openly affirmed it was creating an extended improvement of the Citation II at the yearly NBAA tradition in New Orleans in 1987. Prior in August that year the first building Model 560 Citation V had effectively finished the sort's lady flight. A preproduction model flew in right on time 1986, while US accreditation was conceded on December 9 1988. Conveyances started the accompanying April.

The Citation V was focused around the Citation II/SP, however contrasts over the more modest plane incorporate all the more compelling Pratt & Whitney Canada Jt15d5a turbofans and a slight fuselage stretch, permitting seating in a standard design for eight travelers. The Citation V demonstrated truly prominent, with 262 manufactured through to mid 1994 preceding creation exchanged to the modernized Ultra.

Cessna reported advancement of the redesigned Citation V Ultra in September 1993. FAA affirmation was conceded in June 1994, taking into consideration conveyances of generation flying machine to begin before long. Contrasted and the Citation V, the Ultra peculiarities all the more influential 13.6kn (3045lb) Pratt & Whitney Canada Jt15d5d motors and Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS flight with three CRT shows (two essential flight showcases and one multifunction show).

The Citation Ultra Encore is another improvement published at the 1998 NBAA tradition. Contrasted and the Ultra the Encore presents new Pratt & Whitney Canada Pw535 motors, in addition to trailing connection principle undercarriage, more fuel payload, upgraded inner part and enhanced frameworks. The Ultra's Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS flight suite is held.

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