Cessna 411, 401 & 402

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFreighter, 10 seat commuter, or six to eight seat business twins
  • Powerplants411A - Two 255kW (340hp) Continental GTSIO-520-C turbocharged, geared and fuel injected flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed propellers. 402C - Two 240kW (325hp) turbocharged and fuel injected TSIO-520-VBs.
  • Performance411A - Max speed 431km/h (233kt), max cruising speed 396km/h (214kt), long range cruising speed 283km/h (153kt). Initial rate of climb 1900ft/min. Service ceiling 26,000ft. Range with no reserves and standard fuel 2003km (1081nm), with optional fuel 2310km (1247nm). 402C - Max speed 428km/h (230kt), max cruising speed 394km/h (213kt), long range cruising speed 304km/h (164kt). Initial rate of climb 1450ft/min. Service ceiling 26,900ft. Range with reserves at economical cruising speed 2360km (1273nm).
  • Weights411A - Empty 1973kg (4350lb), max takeoff 2948kg (6500lb). 402C - Empty (Businessliner) 1845kg (4069lb), max takeoff 3107kg (6850lb).
  • Dimentions411 - Wing span 12.15m (39ft 10in), length 10.20m (33ft 6in), height 3.52m (11ft 7in). Wing area 18.6m2 (200sq ft). 402C - Wing span 13.45m (44ft 2in), length 11.09m (36ft 5in), height 3.49m (11ft 6in). Wing area 21.0m2 (225.8sq ft).
  • Capacity411 & 401 - Standard seating for six with a centre aisle between the four main cabin seats. 402 - Six to eight seats in corporate configured Businessliner, 10 seats or freight in Utililiner.
  • Production301 Cessna 411s, 401 Cessna 404s and 1535 Cessna 402s were built.

The 411 was Cessna's section into the eight seat lodge class twin market that had long ago been overwhelmed by the Beech Queen Air.

Considerably more current than the Queen Air, the 411 was lighter, littler and speedier. The model first flew in July 1962 and varied from the accompanying generation flying machine in having two cutting edge props and immediate drive motors (rather than the outfitted GTSIO-520-C motors of creation air ship). Generation conveyances started in October 1964. Discretionary peculiarities for corporate designed airplane included collapsing tables, a can and refreshment focus. The 411 was caught up by the 411a from 1967 with lighter and more effective props and discretionary additional fuel limit.

The 411 was not long after supplanted by the 401 and 402, which had first been presented in late 1966. These advancements of the 411 were lighter, less influential and had immediate drive motors, and subsequently were less exorbitant to work. While the 401 and 402 were basically the same airplane, the 401 was improved for corporate transport and was fitted with less seats than the 402, which was arranged for worker and tanker work. Various forms of both models were produced with minor refinements, including the 402a, which had an extended nose, square windows and a discretionary tenth seat.

The 402 supplanted the 401 from mid 1972, and, as the 402b, was offered in Businessliner corporate setup, and Utililiner convertible traveler or tanker flying machine. The 402c showed up in late 1978 and offered the more extended compass wings from the 414a and 421c and all the more effective motors. It stayed in generation until 1985.

Pictures of Cessna 411, 401 & 402