Cessna 404 Titan

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeTen place corporate, commuter and freighter transport
  • PowerplantsTwo 280kW (375hp) Continental GTSIO-520-M geared, turbocharged and fuel injected flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed McCauley propellers.
  • PerformanceMax speed 430km/h (238kt), max cruising speed 402km/h (217kt) at 20,000ft, 369km/h (199kt) at 10,000ft, economical cruising speed 302km/h (163kt) at 20,000ft, 259km/h (140kt) at 10,000ft. Initial rate of climb 1940ft/min. Service ceiling 26,000ft. Range with 936kg (2064lb) useable fuel and reserves at 75% power at 20,000ft 2717km (1466nm), at 10,000ft 2501km (1350nm), at economical cruising speed at 20,000ft 3410km (1840nm), at 10,000ft 3404km (1837nm).
  • WeightsEmpty 2192kg (4834lb) for Ambassador, 2205kg (4861lb) for Courier, 2133kg (4702lb) for Freighter, max takeoff (all variants) 3810kg (8400lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 14.12m (46ft 4in) or 14.23m (46ft 8in) in late production aircraft, length 12.04m (39ft 6in), height 4.04m (13ft 3in). Wing area 22.5m2 (242sq ft).
  • CapacityPilot and copilot on flightdeck, seating for eight in main cabin.
  • ProductionIn production between 1976 and 1982, 378 Titans were built.

In July 1975 Cessna declared it was creating another cylinder twin suitable for aerial shuttle, cargo and corporate work, fit for bringing off with a 1560kg (3500lb) payload from a 770m (2530ft) strip, comparable in idea to the fruitful 402, however bigger by and large.

The ensuing airplane was the Model 404 Titan, Cessna's biggest cylinder engined twin created up to this point. It has the same fundamental fuselage as the turbine fueled 441 Conquest which was created simultaneously, yet contrasts in having adapted 280kw (375hp) cylinder motors and it is unpressurised. Different gimmicks incorporate a reinforced wet wing (then showing up on various 400 arrangement Cessna twins) and the trailing connection principle undercarriage outline imparted to the Conquest.

The model Titan first flew on February 26 1975, generation conveyances got underway in October the accompanying year. All through the Titan's model life it was offered in three significant renditions, each one contrasting in inner gear fit.

The base flying machine was the Titan Ambassador, designed for traveler operations, while the Titan Courier was convertible from traveler to cargo setups, and the Titan Freighter was an unadulterated freight airplane. The Titan Freighter was uniquely furnished for cargo operations with a fortified floor, load entryways and dividers and a roof produced using effect safe material. All were offered with II and III flight gear levels (as with other Cessna twins).

The Titan experienced minor adjustments from 1980 when the wing compass was expanded and the wingtips overhauled, however creation was to keep going for just an additional two years until 1982, by which time 378 had been fabricated.

Pictures of Cessna 404 Titan