Cessna 188 Agwagon series

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeAgricultural aircraft
  • PowerplantsAgTruck - One 225kW (300hp) Continental IO-520-D fuel injected flat six piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch or three blade constant speed McCauley propeller. AgHusky - One 230kW (310hp) Continental TSIO-520-T turbocharged and fuel injected flat six driving a three blade constant speed McCauley prop.
  • PerformanceAgTruck - Max speed 196km/h (106kt), max cruising speed 187km/h (101kt). Initial rate of climb 465ft/min. Service ceiling 7800ft/min. Range with max fuel and reserves at 75% power 465km (252nm). AgHusky - Max speed 209km/h (113kt), max cruising speed (75% power) 196km/h (106kt). Initial rate of climb 510ft/min. Certificated service ceiling 14,000ft. Range with max fuel and reserves at max cruising speed 402km (217nm).
  • WeightsAgTruck - Empty 1015kg (2235lb), max takeoff 1495kg (3300lb), max takeoff restricted ag category 1905kg (4200lb). AgHusky - Empty 1045kg (2305lb), max takeoff restricted ag category 1995kg (4400lb).
  • DimentionsAgTruck - Wing span 12.70m (41ft 8in), length 7.90m (25ft 11in), height 2.49m (8ft 2in). Wing area 19.1m2 (205sq ft). AgHusky - Same except for length 8.08m (26ft 6in).
  • CapacityPilot only in all models. Standard hopper capacity of 757 litres (166Imp gal/200US gal) for Agwagon & AgPickup; AgTruck & AgHusky have a 1059 litre (233Imp gal/280US gal) capacity.
  • ProductionApproximate total of 3975 including 53 AgPickups, 1589 Agwagons, 1949 AgTrucks and 385 AgHuskies.

The effective 188 Agwagon horticultural air ship were Cessna's just reason composed agplanes.

Cessna's Model 188 came about because of far reaching examination and discussion with rural airplane administrators directed in the early 1960s. The configuration Cessna settled upon was of the traditional horticultural airplane course of action with a supported low wing (remarkable among Cessna singles) with seating for the pilot just. Like other ag air ship the compound container is of fiberglass and the back fuselage is of semi monocoque development and fixed to decrease the potential for harm from concoction tainting.

The model Cessna 188 Agwagon flew shockingly on February 19 1965, and sort support was granted the accompanying February. The 188 was at first offered in two structures, the 170kw (230hp) Continental O-470-R fueled 188 (which was named the Agpickup from 1972) and the 250kw (300hp) Continental IO-520-D controlled 188a Agwagon.

The 1972 model year likewise saw the presentation of the best 188 model, the Agtruck. The Agtruck has the same powerplant as the Agwagon, yet a bigger container and a higher max takeoff weight. A definitive 188 model is the Aghusky, which was presented in 1979. It offers a turbocharged TSIO-520-T and a further expanded max takeoff weight.

Creation of the Agpickup was suspended in 1976, the Agwagon in 1981 and the Agtruck and Aghusky in 1985, when all Cessna light air ship generation stopped.

Pictures of Cessna 188 Agwagon series