Boeing 777-300

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLong range high capacity widebody airliner
  • Powerplants777-300 - Either two 400kN (90,000lb) Pratt & Whitney PW-4090 turbofans, or 436kN (98,000lb) PW-4098s, or 409kN (92,000lb) Rolls-Royce Trent 892s, or 409kN (92,000lb) General Electric GE90-92Bs. 777-300ER - 512 kN (115,300lb) General Electric GE90-115B
  • Performance777-300 - Typical cruising speed 893km/h (482kt). Range with 386 three class passengers 10,595km (5720nm). 777-300ER - Range with 365 passengers 13,427km (7,250nm).
  • WeightsOperating empty 160,120kg (353,600lb), basic max takeoff 263,080kg (580,000lb), high gross weight MTOW 299,380kg (660,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 60.93m (199ft 11in), or folded 47.32m (155ft 3in), length 73.86m (242ft 4in), height 18.51m (60ft 9in). Wing area 427.8m2 (4605sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Typical passenger accommodation for 386 (30 first, 84 business and 254 economy) to 394 in three class arrangements, 400 to 479 in two class arrangements or up to 550 in an all economy high density configuration. Underfloor capacity for 20 standard LD3 containers or eight 2.55 x 3.17m (96 x 125in) pallets.
  • ProductionTotal 777-300 orders as of January 2003 stood at 121 (of which 56 300ER) with 44 delivered.

Boeing's 777-300 is controlled by the world's most compelling turbofan motors.

The extended 777-300 is composed as a swap for right on time era 747s (747-100s and 200s). Contrasted with the more established 747s the extended 777 has equivalent traveler limit and extent, yet smolders one third less fuel and peculiarities 40% lower support costs.

Contrasted and the gauge 777-200 the 300 peculiarities a 10.13m (33ft 3in) stretch, embodying fittings fore and toward the back of the wings. The more drawn out fuselage permits seating for up to 550 travelers in a solitary class high thickness setup. To adapt to the stretch and the up to 13 ton (28,600lb) expanded max takeoff weight the 300 peculiarities a fortified undercarriage, airframe and inboard wing. Different progressions contrasted and the 777-200 incorporate a tailskid and ground moving Polaroids mounted on the flat tail and underneath the forward fuselage. Generally changes have been kept to a base to expand shared characteristic.

Boeing freely published it was creating the 777-300 at the Paris Airshow in mid June 1995 where it uncovered it had secured 31 firm requests from All Nippon, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines and Thai Airways. Later that month Boeing's board approved creation of the new airplane.

The 777-300 took off on September 8 1997, emulated by first flight on October 16 that year. The sort lived like there's no tomorrow on May 4 1998 when it was granted sort affirmation all the while from the US FAA and European JAA and was allowed 180min ETOPS regard. Administration passage with Cathay Pacific was later in that month.

Like the 777-200, a 777-300er long go variant has been created. Changes made to the 777-300er are all the more capable General Electric Ge90-115b motors (right now the world's most influential plane motor), raked wingtips, fortified body, wings, empennage, nose gear, motor struts and nacelles, new principle arriving rigging, and procurement for additional fuel tanks. The extent, convey 365 travelers, is expanded up to 13,427km (7,250nm).

Take off of the initial 777-300er was made on November 14 2002, emulated by the first flight on February 24 2003. To begin with conveyance, to Air France, is booked for March 2004.

Pictures of Boeing 777-300