Boeing 737-600/700

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeShort to medium range airliners
  • Powerplants737-600 - Two 86.7kN (19,500lb) CFM56-7B18 turbofans, or 101kN (22,700lb) CFM56-7B22s on high gross weight version. 737-700 - Two 91.6kN (20,600lb) CFM56-7B20s or 101kN (22,700lb) CFM56-7B24s on HGW version.
  • PerformanceTypical cruising speed Mach 0.785. Max certificated altitude 41,000ft. 737-600 - Range with 110 pax 2480km (1340nm) or 5648km (3050nm) for HGW version. 737-700 - Range with 126 pax 2852km (1540nm) or 6037km (3260nm) for HGW version.
  • Weights737-600 - Operating empty 37,104kg (81,800lb), max takeoff 56,245kg (124,000lb), HGW max takeoff 65,090kg (143,500lb). 737-700 - Operating empty 38,147kg (84,100lb), max takeoff 60,330kg (133,000lb), HGW MTOW 70,080kg (154,500lb).
  • Dimentions737-600 - Wing span 34.31m (112ft 7in), length 31.24m (102ft 6in), height 12.57m (41ft 3in). Wing area 125.0m2 (1344sq ft). 737-700 - Same except length 33.63m (110ft 4in), height 12.55m 41ft 2in).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. 737-600 - 110 passengers in two classes or 132 in a single class. 737-700 - 126 in two classes or 149 in a single class.
  • Production737-600 - 81 ordered and 47 delivered by October 2002. 737-700 - 883 ordered and 465 delivered by October 2002.

The 737-600 and -700 are the more diminutive parts of Boeing's fruitful Next Generation 737-600/700/800/900 crew.

Among the numerous progressions, the Next Generation 737s peculiarity more effective Cfm56-7b turbofans. The Cfm56-7 joins together the center of the Cfm56-5 with the Cfm56-3's low weight compressor and a 1.55m (61in) fan. The 737's new wing has more prominent harmony, compass and wing territory, while the tail surfaces are additionally bigger. The 2.4m (8ft) high winglets initially created for the Boeing Business Jet improvement are currently offered as a choice on the 737-700 (and -800).

The new motors and wings permit the 737 to voyage at Mach 0.78 to Mach 0.80, while the bigger wing permits more prominent fuel tankage and transcontinental USA range. Different peculiarities incorporate a 777 style EFIS flightdeck with six level board Lcds which might be customized to present data as on the 777 or as on the 737-300/400/500 arrangement, permitting a typical pilot sort rating for the two 737 families.

The enhanced Next Generation Boeing 737 family (initially secured by the 737x assignment) was propelled in November 1993. The 737-700 was the first part of the new family to be produced, and is focused around the 737-300, while the 737-600 is focused around the 737-500.

The 737-700 took off on December 7 1996, was conceded certificate in November 1997 and entered administration (with Southwest) the accompanying month. The 737-600 was propelled was dispatched on March 16 1996, first flew on January 22 1998 and entered administration (with SAS) in September that year.

The Boeing Business Jet or BBJ (portrayed independently) is focused around the fuselage of the 737-700 with the bigger 737-800's wing.

The BBJ's airframe additionally structures the premise for the convertible traveler/vessel variation of the 700, the 737-700qc, which has been requested by the US Navy as the C-40a Clipper (to supplant the DC-9 based C-9b). The C-40 first flew on April 17 2000. The maritime airplane could be changed over to convey 121 travelers, or 3 beds of load in addition to 70 travelers, or 8 beds of freight just. These air ship are as of now (2002) based at Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Texas (VR-59) and Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida (VR-58).

The US Air Force has purchased two ex-Fordair Bbjs, which are assigned C-40b.

Pictures of Boeing 737-600/700