Boeing 737-500

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeShort to medium range airliner
  • PowerplantsTwo 82.3kN (18,500lb) CFM International CFM563B1 turbofans, or 89.0kN (20,000lb) CFM56-3C-1s.
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed 912km/h (492kt), economical cruising speed 795km/h (430kt). Standard range with max passengers 2815km (1520nm), higher gross weight option range with max passengers 4444km (2400nm).
  • WeightsOperating empty (standard and high gross weight models) 31,983kg (70,510lb), standard max takeoff 52,390kg (115,500lb), high gross weight max takeoff 60,555kg (133,500lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 28.88m (94ft 9in), length 31.01m (101ft 9in), height 11.13m (36ft 6in). Wing area 105.4m2 (1135sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Typical two class seating for 108 (eight first and 100 economy), or max single class seating for 132 at 76cm (30in) pitch.
  • ProductionAt late 1998 737-500 sales stood at 387, of which 383 had been delivered.

The 737-500 is the most limited and littlest part of the second era 737-300/ -400/ -500 family, and the last to be created.

At the point when the new extended 737-300 initially showed up it was proposed to supplement, as opposed to supplant, the 737-200. However the development of the 737-300 into a group of models prompted the advancement of another model tantamount in size to the 737-200, yet offering better mileage and broad shared characteristic with the 737-300 and -400 models. This was the 737-500, known before its May 1987 formal dispatch as the 737-1000.

Like the previous 737-300 and 737-400, the 737-500 is controlled by CFM International Cfm56s turbofans, for this situation either 82.3kn (18,500lb) Cfm563b1s or 89.0kn (20,000lb) Cfm56-3c-1s. Each of the three second era 737 models offer broad frameworks and structure shared trait, and a typical aircrew sort rating. These profits offer genuine expense investment funds to an air transport with two or more variations of the family in its armada.

The 737-500 is 31.01m (101ft 9in) long, tantamount to the 737-200's 30.53m (100ft 2in) length, and in that capacity is a feasible immediate swap for the prior sort. Like the 300 and 400, a higher horrible weight longer run variant is offered, offering helper fuel tanks and uprated motors.

The 737-500's first flight happened on June 30 1989, FAA certificate was recompensed on February 12 1990, with administration passage later that same month.

The 737-500's fundamental advance is for administrators of expansive 737-400 and 737-300 armadas, as on the grounds that the 500 is an abbreviated advancement of the 300, it still conveys a great part of the structural weight required for the higher weight models. This makes it less effective than if it was outlined particularly for its size class, however for administrators of expansive 737-300/400 armadas, the far reaching shared trait profits more than make up for this.

Pictures of Boeing 737-500