Boeing 737-100/200

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeShort range narrowbody airliner
  • Powerplants737-100 - Two 62.3kN (14,000lb) Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7 turbofans. 737-200 - Two 64.5kN (14,500lb) JT8D-9As, or two 68.9kN (15,500lb) JT8D-15s, or two 71.2kN (16,000lb) JT8D-17s, or two 77.4kN (17,400lb) JT8D-17Rs with automatic reverse thrust.
  • Performance737-100 - Max speed 943km/h (509kt), economical cruising speed 852km/h (460kt). Range with max fuel 2855km (1540nm). 737-200 - Max speed 943km/h (509kt), max cruising speed 927km/h (500kt), economical cruising speed 796km/h (430kt). Range with 115 passengers and reserves between 3520km (1900nm) and 4260km (2300nm) depending on weight options and engines.
  • Weights737-100 - Empty 25,878kg (57,000lb), max takeoff 49,940kg (110,000lb). 737-200 - Operating empty 27,448kg (60,600lb), max takeoff 52,390kg (115,500lb), or optionally 58,740kg (129,500lb).
  • Dimentions737-100 - Wing span 28.35m (93ft 0in), length 28.67m (94ft 0in), height 11.29m (37ft 0in). Wing area 91.1m2 (980sq ft). 737-200 - Same except for length 30.53m (100ft 2in).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. 737-100 - Typical single class seating for 100. 737-200 - Typical single class seating for 115, max seating for 130 at 74cm (29in) pitch. 737-200C/QC payload 15,545kg (34,270lb), consisting of pallets or containers.
  • Production1144 737-100s and 200s built, comprising 30 100s and 1114 200s, including 19 T-43A (737-200) navigation trainers for the USAF and 104 737-200Cs. Approximately 1 737-100 and 550 737-200s remained in commercial and corporate service in early 2005.

The 737-100 and 200 are the original generation models of the world's best stream carrier family, Boeing's 737 twinjet.

The 737 was considered as a short run little limit aerial shuttle to round out the Boeing plane air transport family underneath the 727, 720 and 707. Proclaimed in February 1965, the 737 was initially imagined as a 60 to 85 seater, albeit after meeting with dispatch client Lufthansa, a 100 seat configuration was settled upon. Outline gimmicks incorporated two underwing mounted turbofans and 60% structural and frameworks shared trait with the 727, including the same fuselage cross area (making it more extensive than the contending five side by side DC-9 and BAC-111).

The 737-100 made its first flight on April 9 1967 and entered administration in February 1968 with Lufthansa, while the final one of 30 constructed was conveyed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines in October 1969.

By now however the bigger limit 1.93m (6ft 4in) extended 737-200 was in administration after it had made its first flight on August 8 1967. To begin with conveyance, to United, was that December.

Improvements of the -200 incorporate the -200c convertible and fast change -200qc, while an ill-equipped runway unit was additionally advertised. The complete Advanced 737-200 showed up in 1971, offering minor air movement optimized refinements and different upgrades.

Offers of the 737-200 far surpassed that of the shorter -100 and the 737-200 stayed in generation until 1988, by which time it had been superseded by the enhanced 737-300, after 1114 had been constructed. Numerous have been fitted with Stage 3 motor hushkits, and various traveler flying machine have been changed over with load entryways.

The USAF requested 19 as route coaches, and some were later changed over to standard transport airplane as CT-43a. A couple of other aviation based armed forces got 737-200s to serve when all is said in done transport, observation or VIP transport undertakings.

Pictures of Boeing 737-100/200