Boeing 727-200

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeShort to medium range narrowbody airliner
  • PowerplantsThree 64.5kN (14,500lb) Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9 turbofans, or 67.2kN (15,000lb) JT8D-11s, or 68.9kN (15,500lb) JT8D-15s or 71.1kN (16,000lb) JT8D-17s (Advanced only), or 77.3kN (17,400lb) JT8D-17Rs (Advanced only).
  • PerformanceAdvanced 727-200 - Max speed 1017km/h (549kt), max cruising speed 953km/h (515kt), economical cruising speed 865km/h (467kt). Range with max payload 3965km (2140nm), range with max fuel 4450km (2400nm).
  • WeightsAdvanced 727-200 - Operating empty 45,360kg (100,000lb), max takeoff 95,030kg (209,500lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 32.92m (108ft 0in), length 46.69m (153ft 2in), height 10.36m (34ft 0in). Wing area 157.9m2 (1700sq ft).
  • Capacity727-200 - Max seating for 189 at six abreast and 76cm (30in) pitch, typical two class seating for 14 premium class and 131 economy class passengers. 727-200F - Typical max payload comprises 11 2.23m x 3.17m (7ft 4in x 10ft 5in) pallets.
  • Production1831 727s of all models built when production ceased in 1984, including 1249 200s. Approx 940 727-200s in commercial service at late 1998, with a further 15 as corporate transports.

The 727-100 had been in administration scarcely a year when Boeing started genuine attention of an extended, more prominent limit improvement.

This brought about the 727-200, which Boeing published it was creating in August 1965. The 727-200 was basically a base change improvement of the 100, the main significant change being the 6.10m (20ft) fuselage stretch, which expanded greatest seating to 189 travelers. The 727-200's stretch comprised of two 3.05m (10ft) fittings, one forward and one back of the wing. Generally the 727-100 and 200 imparted regular motors, fuel tank limit and the same greatest takeoff weight.

The principal flight of the 727-200 happened on July 27 1967, with certificate allowed in late November that year. The -200 was put into administration by dispatch client Northeast Airlines (this air transport was later procured by Delta) the accompanying month, by which time add up to 727 requests for both models had surpassed 500.

The 727-200 helped grow the deals offer of the 727 impressively and trapped critical deals. However the 200 was confined by its generally short extend, because of it having the same fuel limit as the 727-100, so Boeing created the expanded reach Advanced 727-200. Initially flown in March 1972 progressions presented on the Advanced model included expanded fuel limit, and consequently run, the choice of all the more effective motors, quieter motor nacelles and fortified structure. The Advanced remained the essential 727-200 creation model until generation stopped in 1984.

The 727-200 remaining parts prevalent with travelers and pilots however it doesn't meet Stage 3 clamor prerequisites. To defeat this various hushkit projects are on offer while Valsan changed over 23 727s to its Stage 3 consistent Quiet 727 standard (before the organization given way). This retrofit included introducing Jt8d-217s on the external arches and acoustic treatment of the middle motor. Different 727s have been fitted with winglets for enhanced execution.

Pictures of Boeing 727-200