Antonov An-124 Ruslan

  • CountryUkraine
  • TypeHeavylift freighter
  • PowerplantsAn-124 - Four 229.5kN (51,590lb) ZMKB Progress (Lotarev) D18T turbofans.
  • PerformanceAn-124 - Max cruising speed 865km/h (468kt), typical cruising speeds between 800 and 850km/h (430 to 460kt). Range with max payload 4500km (2430nm), range with full fuel load 16,500km (8900nm).
  • WeightsAn-124 - Operating empty 175,000kg (385,800lb), max takeoff 405,000kg (892,875lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 73.30m (240ft 6in), length 69.10m (226ft 9in), height 20.78m (68ft 2in). Wing area 628.0m2 (6760sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of six consisting of two pilots, two flight engineers, navigator and communications operator. Upper deck behind the flightdeck area features a galley, rest room and two relief crew cabins. Upper deck area behind the wing can accommodate up to 88 passengers. Main deck cargo compartment can carry a range of bulky and oversized cargos. The An-124's total payload in weight is 150 tonnes (330,695lb).
  • ProductionAbout 60 An-124s have been built, of which 25 were in commercial use in 2000. Some western based freight operators utilise An-124s leased from Antonov for freight charters.

For a period the enormous A 124 held the mantle of the world's biggest airplane before the landing of the A 225, an extended six motor subsidiary. It is usually utilized for oversize cargo sanctions.

Created essentially as a vital military vessel (in which part it can convey rocket units and primary fight tanks), the first model A 124 flew on December 26 1982. A second model, named Ruslan (after a Russian people legend), made the sort's first western open appearance at the Paris Airshow in June 1985, former the sort's first business operations in January 1986. Since that time the A 124 has set an extensive variety of payload records, a late accomplishment being the heaviest single load ever transported via air - a 124 ton (273,400lb) powerplant generator and its related weight spreading support, an aggregate payload weight of 132.4 tons (291,940lb), set in late 1993.

Remarkable gimmicks incorporate nose and tail load entryways, 24 wheel undercarriage permitting operations from semi arranged strips, the capability to bow to permit simpler front stacking, and flybywire control framework.

The two major A 124 variations are the essential A 124 and comparative Russian common certificated A 124-100. Different overhauls have been proposed, including the western flying prepared A 124-100m implicit model structure yet not flown, the three team EFIS flighdeck prepared A 124-102 and the A 124fff firebomber.

Various reengine studies have additionally been led, including utilizing Rolls-Royce RB-211-524gs, General Electric Cf680s (as the A 124-130) and even Aviadvigatel Nk93 propfans.

The A 225 Mryia is focused around the A 124 yet emphasizes six (rather than four) D18t turbofans, an extended fuselage and a 600 ton (1,322,750lb) max takeoff weight. One was constructed, planned as a vehicle for the Russian Buran Space Shuttle equal. First and foremost flight was in 1988.

Pictures of Antonov An-124 Ruslan