Airbus A340-500/600

  • CountryEuropean consortium
  • TypeLong range widebody airliners
  • PowerplantsA340-500 - Four 236kN (53,000lb) Rolls-Royce Trent 553 turbofans A340-600 - Four 249kN (56,000lb) Rolls-Royce Trent 556 turbofans.
  • PerformanceTypical cruising speed Mach 0.83. A340-500 - Range with 313 passengers 15,742km (8500nm). A340-600 - Range with 380 passengers 13,890km (7500nm).
  • WeightsA340-500 - Operating empty 170,400kg (375,665lb), max takeoff 365,000kg (804,675lb). A340-600 - Operating empty 177,000kg (390,220lb), max takeoff 365,000kg (804,675lb).
  • DimentionsA340-500 - Wing span 63.70m (208ft 11in), length 67.80m (222ft 5in), height 17.80m (58ft 5in). Wing area 437.0m2 (4704sq ft). A340-600 - Same, except length 75.30m (247ft 0in).
  • CapacityA340-500 - Flightcrew of two. Typical three class seating for 316 passengers. A340-600 Typical three class seating for 372.
  • Production69 A340-500s/600s ordered by early 2003, of which 11 delivered. These include 17 A340-500 (1 delivered) and 52 A340-600 (10 delivered).

The 15,740km (8500nm) ultra long range A340-500 and extended 372 seat A340-600 are new variations of the Airbus A340 family, and are right now the world's longest extend aerial transports.

Contrasted and the A340-300, the A340-600 peculiarities a 9.07m (35ft 1in) stretch (5.87m/19ft 3in in front of the wing and 3.20m/10ft 6in behind), permitting it to seat 372 travelers in a common three class course of action. This gives Airbus a genuine early model 747 substitution and close coordinate contender to the 747-400, with comparable extent, at the same time, Airbus cases, better working money making concerns (for every seat).

The A340-500 in the mean time is extended by just 3.19m (10ft 6in) contrasted and the A340-300, thus situates 313 in three classes, however it has an enormous scope of 15,740km (8500nm), which makes it the longest extending carrier on the planet, proficient for instance of working Los Angeles-Singapore persistent.

The two new A340 models impart a typical wing. The wing is focused around the A330/A340's yet is 1.6m (5.2ft) more drawn out and has a decreased wingbox addition, expanding wing range and fuel limit. Both models offer three fuselage plugs. The other change to the A340 airframe is the utilization of the A330-200 twin's bigger balance and amplified flat territory stabilizers. To adapt to the expanded weights the core undercarriage primary rigging is a four wheel bogie, instead of a two wheel unit.

Both new A340s have a high level of shared trait with the A330 and other A340 models. They peculiarity Airbus' normal two team flightdeck, yet with a few enhancements, for example, LCD instead of CRT shows and modernized frameworks.

The A340-500 is fueled by four 236kn (53,000lb) push Rolls-Royce Trent 556 turbofans, and the A340-600 by the 249kn (56,000lb) push Trent 556.

The business dispatch for the A340-500/600 was at the 1997 Paris Airshow, the program's modern dispatch was in December that year when Virgin Atlantic requested eight A340-600s and optioned eight. To begin with flight of the A340-600 was made on April 23, 2001. After a 1600 hour flight test project, accreditation was gotten on May 29, 2002. Virgin Atlantic took conveyance of its first A340-600 at the 2002 Farnborough International Airshow, and started business benefits in August.

The A340-500 made its first flight on February 11, 2002, and was certificated on December 3 following 400 hours of flight test.

Pictures of Airbus A340-500/600