Airbus A300-600ST Super Transporter

  • CountryEuropean consortium
  • TypeOversize cargo freighter
  • PowerplantsTwo 262.4kN (59,000lb) class General Electric CF6-80C2A8 turbofans.
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed 780km/h (421kt). Range with a 40 tonne payload 2400km (1295nm), range with a 30 tonne (66,150lb) payload 4000km (2160nm).
  • WeightsMax payload 47 tonnes (103,615lb), max takeoff 155,000kg (341,700lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 44.84m (147ft 0in), length 56.16m (184ft 3in), height 17.23m (56ft 6in). Wing area 260m2 (2798.7sq ft). Internal useable length 37.70m (123ft 8in), diameter 7.40m (24ft 3in).
  • CapacityThe A300-600ST's max payload of 47 tonnes (103,615lb) is unlikely to be fully utilised, as the emphasis of the design is on volume rather than payload. The internal main cabin volume is 1400m3 (49,442cu ft), and can carry a range of oversize components, such as a fully equipped A330 or A340 wing shipset, or two A320/321 wing shipsets, or two A310 fuselage sections (front & rear).
  • ProductionAirbus has taken delivery of its four A300-600STs originally on order and has converted an option on a fifth to a firm order.

The A300-600st Super Transporter was intended to supplant Airbus Industrie's Super Guppy transports, utilized by the consortium to ship oversize segments, for example, wings and fuselage areas between Airbus' accomplices' plants all through western Europe.

Improvement of the A300-600st, nicknamed Beluga furthermore Super Flipper, started in August 1991. The A300-600st's tight advancement program - for what from various perspectives is adequately another air ship - saw the vehicle take off in June 1994, with its first flight on September 13 that year. The A300-600st then entered a 400 hour flight test project which built up and finally finished in mid 1995, with affirmation granted that September and with conveyance and passage into administration with Airbus in January 1996. The majority of the initial four on request had been conveyed by mid 1998 (permitting the Super Guppy's retirement in October 1997). The fifth Super Transporter is booked to be conveyed in 2001.

The A300-600st is focused around the A300-600 air transport, with which it imparts the wing, lower fuselage, primary undercarriage and cockpit. The primary contrasts are clear - a lump fundamental deck, new forward lower fuselage, new developed tail with winglets and an upwards pivoting principle payload entryway. An outline investigation of a comparably designed A340, the A340st Mega Transporter, to convey A3xx segments is underway.

Program administration of the A300-600st is the obligation of the Special Aircraft Transport Company, or SATIC, a monetary enthusiasm gathering shaped on a 50/50 premise by Aerospatiale and DASA working in the interest of Airbus Industrie. While a great part of the work on the flying machine is performed by the Airbus accomplices, other European organizations are likewise included in the project.

Pictures of Airbus A300-600ST Super Transporter