Airbus A300-600

  • CountryFrance, Germany, Spain and UK
  • TypeMedium range widebody airliner
  • PowerplantsTwo 262.4kN (59,000lb) General Electric CF6-80C2A1s, or two 273.6kN (61,500lb) CF6-80C2A5s, or two 249kN (56,000lb) Pratt & Whitney PW-4156s or two 258kN (58,000lb) PW-4158 turbofans.
  • PerformanceA300-600R - Max cruising speed 897km/h (484kt), long range cruising speed 875km/h (472kt). Range at typical airline operating weight with 267 passengers with 370km (200nm) reserves and standard fuel 7505km (4050nm) with CF6s, or 7540km (4070nm) with PW-4000s. A300-600 - Range at same parameters 6670km (3600nm). A300-600F - Range with max payload, and reserves 4908km (2650nm).
  • WeightsA300-600 - Operating empty with CF6s 90,115kg (198,665lb), with PW-4000s 90,065kg (198,565lb). Max takeoff 165,900kg (365,745lb). A300-600R - Operating empty 91,040kg (200,700lb) with CF6s, or 90,965kg (200,550lb) with PW4000s, max takeoff 170,500kg (375,855lb), or optionally 171,700kg (378,535lb). A300-600F - (CF6 powered) Operating empty 78,335kg (172,700lb), max takeoff 170,500kg (375,900lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 44.84m (147ft 1in), length 54.08m (177ft 5in), height 16.62m (54ft 6.5in). Wing area 260.0m2 (2798.7sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Typical two class arrangement for 26 premium class passengers at six abreast and 240 economy class passengers at eight abreast. The A300-600 and 600R can carry 22 LD3 containers in forward and aft belly cargo holds. A300-600F total payload 55,017kg (121,290lb).
  • ProductionA total of 334 A300-600s of all variants had been ordered by late 2002, of which 266 had been delivered.

The A300-600 improvement of the prior A300b4 joined various huge enhancements and refinements, first being a two group flightdeck and expanded extent.

Separated from the two group EFIS cockpit, with advanced aeronautics focused around that produced for the A310, progressions incorporated the A310's tail empennage which expanded cargo and traveler payloads, little winglets (an alternative from 1989, standard from 1991), streamlined frameworks, more prominent utilization of composites, Fowler folds and expanded camber on the wings, new brakes and APU, and enhanced payload/go through a broad drag lessening airframe clean up and new motors. In the first place flight for the A300-600 was on July 8 1983, the first air transport conveyance was in March 1984.

The A300-600 was further formed into the more drawn out reach A300-600r, its broadened extent cordiality of a fuel trim tank in the tailplane and higher most extreme takeoff weights. To begin with flight was on December 9 1987, first conveyance was April 20 1988 (to American Airlines).

Convertible cargo/traveler variants of all variations of the A300 have been offered, as has the all cargo A300f4-600. The principal new form immaculate vessel A300, one of 36 requested for Federal Express, flew in December 1993. UPS is an alternate major A300-600f client, tailing its September 1998 request for 30. Airbus likewise offers change bundles of existing traveler A300s into tankers with a left side forward cargo entryway and fortified floor.

Pictures of Airbus A300-600