Zlin Z 42, Z 43, Z 142, Z 242 & Z 143

  • CountryCzech Republic
  • TypeTwo/four seat light aircraft
  • PowerplantsZ 43 - One 155kW (210hp) Avia M 337 six cylinder inline inverted piston engine driving a two blade propeller. Z 242 L - One 150kW (200hp) Textron Lycoming AEIO-360-A1B6 flat four driving a three blade c/s prop. Z 143 - One 175kW (235hp) Textron Lycoming O540J3A5 flat six driving a three blade variable pitch Mühlbauer prop.
  • PerformanceZ 43 - Max speed 235km/h (127kt), cruising speed 210km/h (113kt). Initial rate of climb 690ft/min. Range with max fuel 1100km (595nm). Z 242 L - Max speed 236km/h (127kt), max cruising speed 214km/h (114kt). Initial rate of climb 1102ft/min. Range with max fuel 1056km (570nm). Z 143 - Max speed 265km/h (143kt), max cruising speed at 75% power 235km/h (127kt), econ cruising speed at 60% power 216km/h (226kt). Initial rate of climb 1457ft/min. Range at 65% power 1335km (720nm).
  • WeightsZ 43 - Empty 730kg (1609lb), max TO 1350kg (2976lb). Z 242 L - Basic empty 730kg (1609lb), max TO 1090kg (2403lb). Z 143 - Empty equipped 830kg (1830lb), max TO 1350kg (2976lb).
  • DimentionsZ 43 - Wing span 9.76m (32ft 0in), length 7.75m (25ft 5in), height 2.91m (9ft 7in). Wing area 14.5m2 (156.1sq ft). Z 242 L - Wing span 9.34m (30ft 8in), length 6.94m (24ft 9in), height 2.95m (9ft 8in). Z 143 - Wing span 10.14m (33ft 3in), length 7.58m (24ft 11in), height 2.91m (9ft 7in). Wing area 14.8m2 (159.1sq ft).
  • CapacitySeating for two in tandem in Z 42, Z 142 and Z 242, seating for four in Z 43 and Z 143.
  • ProductionTotal production includes more than 350 142s, approx 40 Z 242 Ls and 35 Z 143s, including military orders.

This arrangement of two seat coaches and four seat light flying machine was at first created to trade for the effective Zlin Trener.

The beginning Z 42 was created amid the mid 1960s and seats two side by side. It flew surprisingly on October 17 1967. The enhanced Z 42m then presented a consistent pace propeller and the bigger tail created for the Z 43 four seater, and supplanted the Z 42 in generation in 1974.

Improvement of the two seat line proceeded with the further enhanced Z 142, which flew surprisingly on December 29 1979. Progressions presented incorporated a bigger cockpit shade and faired undercarriage. The Z 142 stayed in generation in Z 142c structure to the mid 1990s. The most recent two seater of this family to be created is the 150kw (200hp) Textron Lycoming Aeio360 level four controlled Z 242 L. Changes aside from the motor incorporate a three sharpened steel consistent pace prop and reconsidered motor cowling profile. In the first place flight was on February 14 1990.

Advancement of the four seat displays, the Z 43 and Z 143, has emulated that of the two seaters. The Z 43 showed up a year later than the Z 42, flying shockingly on December 10 1968. The Z 42 and Z 43 offer the same essential airframe, however vary in that the Z 43 peculiarities a bigger and more extensive lodge with seating for four, and an all the more influential motor. The flow Z 143 L flew surprisingly on April 24 1992, and is comparative in structure to the Z 242, yet again varies in having a bigger lodge with seating for four and an all the more influential Textron Lycoming O-540 motor.

Pictures of Zlin Z 42, Z 43, Z 142, Z 242 & Z 143