Technoavia SM92 Finist

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeSTOL utility transport
  • PowerplantsOne 265kW (355hp) VOKBM M14P nine cylinder radial piston engine driving a three blade variable pitch Mühlbauer MTV-3 propeller.
  • PerformanceMax speed 290km/h (156kt), max cruising speed 230km/h (124kt), economical cruising speed 200km/h (108kt). Stalling speed with full flap 100km/h (50kt). Range with max fuel 1300km (700nm). Endurance with max fuel 7hr 30min.
  • WeightsOperating empty 1430kg (3153lb), max takeoff 2350kg (5180lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 14.60m (47ft 11in), length 9.30m (30ft 6in), height 3.00m (9ft 10in). Wing area 20.5m2 (220.7sq ft).
  • CapacityOne pilot and one passenger on flightdeck. Seating for six passengers in main cabin arranged in pairs. Alternatively can accommodate six parachutists, or 600kg (1320lb) of freight.
  • ProductionProduction aircraft built at the Smolensk Aircraft Factory Approximately a dozen built by 1998. The Finist is priced at $US180,000 to $US300,000.

The Technoavia Finist is a STOL cylinder fueled utility transport comparable in idea to the revered Dhc2 Beaver, and is one of the first Russian air ship planned starting from the earliest stage to meet western (both FAA and JAA) affirmation prerequisites.

The Finist (named after a little Russian fowl) is the first result of the Technoavia Design Bureau. Technoavia was made in 1991 by Slava Kondratiev, a prestigious Russian planner in charge of the world beating Sukhoi Su26, Su29 and Su31 arrangement of aerobatic air ship. Kondratiev gave money to the new organization by obtaining the rights and setting into generation the four seat Yak-18t light flying machine (portrayed independently).

The Finist is one of a different scope of outlines from Russian studios went for gathering overall necessities for an utility transport, however dissimilar to the majority of its counterparts it has flown and is in low rate creation. The enormous yet rich high wing air ship offers maybe the best spiral motor as of now in creation, the M14p, which likewise controls the Sukhoi aerobatic flying machine. The configuration offers a high perspective degree (10.5) wing with Fowler folds and Frise ailerons, an expansive principle lodge entryway on the left side and faired steel primary arriving apparatus units. Skis and buoys will be offered as alternatives.

The model Finist first flew on December 28 1993, while generation conveyances started in January 1995. Technoavia is mulling over further advancements of the fundamental flying machine, essentially a Pratt & Whitney Canada Pt6 turbine fueled model.

The SM-92p is a furnished rendition requested by the Russian fringe monitors. Up to 300 may be needed.

Like the much more seasoned and out of generation Beaver, the Finist is gone for performing a wide mixed bag of STOL utility missions, and with western certificate behind it, it may turn into a reasonable prospect for supplanting the world's maturing armada of utility GA flying machine.

Pictures of Technoavia SM92 Finist