Socata MS 180 & MS 250 Morane

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeDeliveries due to begin in 2000.
  • PowerplantsSo far, there is no photo added to this aircraft type. Help us out by
  • PerformanceMS 180 - One 135kW (180hp) Morane Renault MR 180 turbocharged and intercooled direct injection flat four piston running on jet fuel driving a three blade constant speed Hartzell propeller. MS 250 - One 185kW (250hp) MR 250.
  • WeightsMS 180 - Max cruising speed at 10,000ft 248km/h (134kt). Time to 8500ft 14min 50sec, time to 12,000ft 23min 30sec. Service ceiling 17,000ft. Max range 1845km (996nm). MS 250 - Max cruising speed at 15,000ft 350km/h (189kt). Time to 8000ft 7min 10sec, to 12,000ft 10min 50sec. Service ceiling 23,000ft. Max range 2655km (1433nm).
  • DimentionsWeights not published at late 1998.
  • CapacityMS 180/MS 250 - Wing span 9.76m (32ft 0in), length 7.70m (25ft 3in), height 3.02m (9ft 11in). Wing area 11.9m2 (128.1sq ft).
  • ProductionTypical seating for four or five.

Socata's MS 180 and MS 250 Morane light singles are the first applications for new engineering Morane Renault immediate infusion diesel cylinder motors which run on plane fuel or Avtur.

Morane Renault is the showcasing name for the Societe de Motorisations Aeronautiques (SMA), mutually settled in 1997 by Socata guardian Aerospatiale and Renault Sport, the motorsport arm of the French auto maker, to create new innovation cylinder motors for utilization by Socata and other airplane manufacturers.

Morane Renault is right now creating three new diesel immediate infusion turbocharged motors, the immediate drive 135kw (180hp) MR 180, and the equipped 185kw (250hp) MR 250 and 225kw (300hp) MR 300. The real profit of these motors is that they will run on plane fuel, which is less expensive and more promptly accessible than Avgas. The motors will be machine controlled, permitting the utilization of a solitary force lever on air ship they control.

The MR motors will cost about the same as traditional cylinder motors, yet working expenses are anticipated to be to the extent that 30 to 40% lower because of a 3000 hour TBO (time between redesign), lower support expenses, better fuel effectiveness and the moderateness of plane fuel.

A Morane Renault motor got airborne surprisingly on board a changed Socata Trinidad on March 3 1998. This was a MR 250 derated to 150kw (200hp) because of a gearbox impediment. Morane Renault anticipates that the motors will be certificated in late 1999.

Socata's new Morane singles will be the first applications for the new innovation motors. The MS 180 will be focused around the altered undercarriage TB 10 Tobago yet fueled by a MR 180, while the MR 250 controlled MS 250 is focused around the retractable undercarriage Trinidad. To start with conveyances are anticipated 2000.

Also, Socata arrangements to offer a MR 300 fueled advancement of its Epsilon two seat coach as the MS 300 and is taking a gander at an improvement of the TB 360 with Morane power.

Pictures of Socata MS 180 & MS 250 Morane