Sikorsky S-92 Helibus

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeMedium to heavy lift airliner and utility helicopter
  • PowerplantsS-92A - Two 1864kW (2500shp) takeoff rated General Electric CT7-8 turboshafts driving four blade main and tail rotors.
  • PerformanceS-92A - Max cruising speed 287km/h (155kt), economical cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Hovering ceiling out of ground effect 7300ft. Range 910km (490nm).
  • WeightsS-92A - Empty 7030kg (15,500lb) civil transport configuration, 6893kg (15,200lb) utility configuration; max takeoff 11,430kg (25,200lb), max takeoff with sling load 12,020kg (26,500lb).
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 17.71m (56ft 4in), length overall rotors turning 20.85m (68ft 5in), fuselage length 17.32m (56ft 10in), height 6.45m (21ft 2in). Main rotor disc area 231.6m2 (2492.4sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Accommodation in main cabin for 19 passengers or up to three standard LD3 containers.
  • ProductionFive prototypes (one ground test vehicle and four flying ones) are used in the development program since December 1998. Certification and first deliveries planned for 2002.

The S-92 Helibus is another medium/overwhelming lift helicopter Sikorsky is creating in with various worldwide accomplices

Improvement of the S-92 was initially declared in 1992 when Sikorsky revealed a mockup of the new helicopter. In 1993 however Sikorsky delayed propelling the S-92 because of the global helicopter market downturn and rather started hunting down worldwide danger imparting accomplices. By 1995 Sikorsky had framed its Team S-92 gathering and formally propelled the S-92 at that year's Paris Airshow.

Sikorsky has manufactured five model S-92s, four of which are flying airplane. The main is a common S-92a, which first flew on December 23 1998. The universal utility/military S-92iu improvement will likewise be advertised. S-92a certificate to FAR/JAR Pt 29 and first conveyances are planned for 2002.

As initially conceived the S-92 was to join together updated element framework parts of the H-60/S-70 arrangement with a bigger lodge. However the S-92 is basically an all new helicopter, with bigger, composite development, cleared, decreased and anhedral tipped fundamental rotor razor sharp edges, new tail rotor, and another four stage transmission based and the three stage S-70 unit.

Nearly 40% of the flying machine is of composite development. The S-92's fundamental lodge is more extensive and more than the S-70's and characteristics a back stacking cargo incline, while the cockpit will emphasize a Sanders EFIS framework with four color fluid precious stone presentations, with procurement for a fifth. Force is from two FADEC prepared Ct7-8d turboshafts.

Group S-92 parts incorporate danger offering accomplices Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (7.5%, in charge of the principle lodge), Gamesa of Spain (7% - lodge inside and transmission lodging) and China's Jingdezhen Helicopter Group (2% - tail arch and tailplane), while Taiwan's AIDC (6.5% - flightdeck) and Embraer (4% - sponsons and fuel framework) are altered value suppliers/accomplices.

The S-92 is comparative in size to the S-61 and is gone for being a present day swap for the later helicopter. The S-92 is additionally in the same class as the prominent Super Puma.

Canadian seaward administrator Cougar Helicopters turned into the dispatch client. Conveyances will begin in 2002.

Pictures of Sikorsky S-92 Helibus