Short Skyvan & Skyliner

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • TypeSTOL utility transport and regional airliner
  • PowerplantsSrs 3 - Two 535kW (715shp) Garrett TPE3312201A turboprops driving three blade variable pitch Hartzell propellers.
  • PerformanceSrs 3 - Max cruising speed 324km/h (175kt), normal cruising speed 311km/h (168kt), economical cruising speed 278km/h (150kt). Initial rate of climb 1640ft/min. Service ceiling 22,500ft. Range at long range cruising speed with reserves 1115km (600nm), range in typical freighter configuration with a 1815kg (4000lb) payload and reserves at economical cruising speed 300km (162nm).
  • WeightsSrs 3 - Basic operating 3331kg (7344lb) for Skyvan or 4055kg (8940lb) for Skyliner, max takeoff 5670kg (12,500lb).
  • DimentionsSrs 3 - Wing span 19.79m (64ft 11in), length 12.21m (40ft 1in), or 12.60m (41ft 4in) with weather radar, height 4.60m (15ft 1in). Wing area 35.1m2 (378sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of one or two. Seating for up to 19 passengers at three abreast in Skyliner, or nine passengers in executive configuration.
  • Production150 Skyvans and Skyliners built between the mid 1960s and 1987, almost all of which were Series 3s (including almost 60 military Series 3Ms).

The boxy and tough Short Skyvan and Skyliner go again to the post bellum Miles Aerovan venture.

Advancement of the Skyvan, or Sc.7, started in 1959 when Short chose to plan a little multirole transport with great STOL execution, offering a squared sided fuselage to oblige massive burdens. The new plan consolidated the aftereffects of Miles' exploration into high perspective proportion wings, with the Aerovan's wing configuration embraced for the Sc.7. It first flew in Series 1 model structure controlled by two Continental 290kw (390hp) Gtsio520 cylinder motors on January 17 1963.

Not at all like the model, beginning creation flying machine were fueled by 545kw (730shp) Turbomãƒâ©ca Astazou XII turboprops. The first cylinder fueled Series 1 model was the first Astazou controlled Skyvan to fly (with 390kw/520shp Astazou Iis), in October 1963. The reengined model was assigned the Series 1a, while early Astazou controlled generation airplane were assigned Series 2.

At an opportune time in the Sc.7's generation run Shorts chose to switch the powerplant decision to 535kw (715shp) Garrett Tpe331201s, bringing about the complete Series 3 (first flight December 15 1967). Numerous Series 2 Skyvans were additionally changed over to Garrett power.

The essential Series 3 and the higher takeoff weight Series 3a can perform various utility missions including traveler transport, emergency vehicle, airborne overview and cargo work, and are called Skyvans. The Skyliner carrier offers an enhanced level of inner part gear and outfitting, while military Skyvans are assigned Series 3m and 3m200 with a higher max takeoff weight.

Pictures of Short Skyvan & Skyliner