Ruschmeyer R 90

  • CountryGermany
  • TypeFour seat high performance light aircraft
  • PowerplantsR 90230 RG - One 170kW (230hp) Textron Lycoming IO540C4D5 flat six piston engine (derated from 195kW/260hp) driving a four blade constant speed Mühlbauer composite propeller.
  • PerformanceR 90230 RG - Max speed 324km/h (175kt), max cruising speed 311km/h (168kt), economical cruising speed 267km/h (144kt). Initial rate of climb 1140ft/min (1650ft/min is possible). Service ceiling 16,000ft. Max range with reserves 1610km (870nm). Endurance 7.8hrs.
  • WeightsR 90230 RG - Standard empty 898kg (1980lb), empty equipped 920kg (2030lb), max takeoff 1350kg (2976lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 9.50m (31ft 2in), length 7.93m (26ft 0in), height 2.73m (8ft 11in). Wing area 12.9m2 (139.3sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for four.
  • ProductionApproximately 30 R 90-230 RG builts before production ceased.

The R 90 is an all new four seater that was inherent the ahead of schedule to mid 1990s preceding Ruschmeyer recorded for chapter 11.

The R 90 was another configuration focused around the Ruschmeyer's prior Mf85, making utilization of a scope of current advances and materials. The Mf85 arrangement was fueled by Porsche motors, yet the inaccessibility of these powerplants prompted the advancement of the Textron Lycoming controlled R 90.

The Ruschmeyer R 90 has an aerodynamically clean airframe made conceivable by its glass fiber (with Rohacell center) development. The progressed wing configuration emphasizes a `rain tolerant' laminar stream aerofoil outline, wet wing fuel tanks, upturned wingtips (for expanded parallel soundness, not drag decrease), little ailerons and inboard Fowler folds.

The introductory R 90230 RG creation model was fueled by a fuel infused Textron Lycoming Io540 level six driving a progressed four sharpened steel composite development propeller. A silencer on the motor, the four razor sharp edge prop and the motor being derated to 170kw (230hp) from 195kw (260hp) join together to give low inside and outer surface commotion levels. Despite the fact that the motor has been derated, due to the R 90's nearly light structure its execution is very solid.

All creation R 90s were the elite retractable undercarriage R 90230 RG. This model first flew on August 8 1988, with German accreditation honored in June 1992.

Parts of the arranged R 90 family incorporate the settled apparatus, 175kw (235hp) O540j controlled R 90230 FG and the altered undercarriage 135kw (180hp) Io360 (level appraised to 150kw/200hp) fueled R 90180 FG. The R 90350t RG, to be fueled by a 185kw (250hp) turbocharged motor and fit for 435km/h (235kt) cruising pace, and the superior five/six seat R 95 were likewise being worked on. An Allison 250b17 turboprop fueled advancement, the R 90420 AT, was likewise flown.

However Ruschmeyer was compelled to record for chapter 11 in ahead of schedule 1996 and creation has stopped.

Pictures of Ruschmeyer R 90