Rockwell Commander 112 & 114

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour seat high performance light aircraft
  • Powerplants112B - One 140kW (200hp) Lycoming IO360C1D6 fuel injected flat four piston engine driving a two blade constant speed propeller. 114 - One 195kW (260hp) Lycoming IO540T4A5D fuel injected flat six driving a three blade constant speed prop.
  • Performance112B - Max speed 277km/h (150kt), max cruising speed 251km/h (135kt), long range cruising speed 222km/h (120kt). Initial rate of climb 880ft/min. Service ceiling 15,200ft. Max range with reserves 1085km (585nm), or 1647km (890nm) with optional fuel. 114 - Max speed 307km/h (166kt), max cruising speed 290km/h (157kt), long range cruising 254km/h (137kt). Initial rate of climb 1088ft/min. Service ceiling 17,400ft. Max range with reserves 1355km (730nm).
  • Weights112B - Empty 804kg (1773lb), max takeoff 1270kg (2800lb). 114 - Empty 885kg (1885lb), max takeoff 1425kg (3140lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 10.85m (35ft 8in), length 7.63m (25ft 1in), height 2.57m (8ft 5in). Wing area 15.2m2 (164sq ft). 114 - Same except wing span 9.98m (32ft 9in). Wing area 14.1m2 (152.0sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for four.
  • ProductionProduction of the 112 and 114 series ceased in 1979.

The Rockwell Commander 112 and 114 are superior, retractable undercarriage light flying machine.

Rockwell's General Aviation Division started advancement of the first Commander 111 and 112 amid the late 1960s, and proclaimed its new run in late 1970. Both models offered customary development and a low wing design however the 111 had settled undercarriage and the 112 had retractable rigging. The model 112 first flew on December 4 1970, and was controlled by a 135kw (180hp) Lycoming O360, while a model 111 flew surprisingly late in 1971. The loss of the 112 model amid flight testing because of the structural disappointment of the tail unit postponed accreditation and creation of both models until a fix was found. Conveyances of generation air ship occurred from late 1972.

Generation 111s were controlled by 135kw (180hp) O360s, creation 112s were fueled by all the more influential 150kw (200hp) Io360s. Just a couple of 111s were fabricated before Rockwell chose to focus on the higher execution retractable rigging 112. The redesigned 112a showed up in 1974 with a higher max takeoff weight, enhanced lodge ventilation and subtle element refinements, while the turbocharged 112tc was presented in 1976.

Additionally presented in 1976 was the 114, which is fundamentally a 112 with an all the more effective six chamber Io540. The 114 stayed in creation fundamentally unaltered until generation stopped in 1979, by which arrange it had been named the Gran Turismo Commander. Then the enhanced 112b had showed up in 1977, offering an expanded max takeoff weight and the amplified wingtips presented on the 112tc. By that stage the 112tc was assigned the 112tca, later it got to be known as the Alpine Commander.

The Commander Aircraft Company has been building the enhanced 114b and 114tc since 1992, yet these are portrayed independently.

Pictures of Rockwell Commander 112 & 114