Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour seat light aircraft
  • PowerplantsPA-28R-180 - One 135kW (180hp) Lycoming IO-360-B1E fuel injected flat four piston engine driving a two blade constant speed Hartzell propeller. PA-28R-201T - One 150kW (200hp) Continental TSIO-360-FB turbocharged and fuel injected flat six.
  • PerformancePA-28R-180 - Max speed 274km/h (148kt), typical cruising speed 260km/h (140kt), long range cruising speed 230km/h (124kt). Initial rate of climb 875ft/min. Service ceiling 15,000ft. Range at economical cruising speed 1600km (865nm). PA-28R-201T - Max speed 330km/h (178kt), max cruising speed 320km/h (172kt), long range cruising speed 284km/h (153kt). Initial rate of climb 940ft/min. Range with reserves 1667km (900nm).
  • WeightsPA-28R-180 - Empty 626kg (1380lb), max takeoff 1134kg (2500lb). PA-28R-201T - Empty 786kg (1732lb), max takeoff 1315kg (2900lb).
  • DimentionsPA-28R-180 - Wing span 9.14m (30ft 0in), length 7.38m (24ft 3in), height 2.44m (8ft 0in). Wing area 14.2m2 (160sq ft). PA-28R-201T - Wing span 10.80m (35ft 5in), length 8.33m (27ft 3in), height 2.52m (8ft 3in). Wing area 15.9m2 (170sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for four.
  • ProductionApproximately 6000 PA-28Rs of all models built, including 81 PA-28R-180Bs, 1664 PA-28R-200s and -201s, and 1291 PA-28R-201Ts and PA-28RT-201Ts.

The PA-28r initially started life as a retractable undercarriage variation of the PA-28 Cherokee.

The first PA-28r-180 Cherokee Arrow was a moderately basic adjustment of the current PA-28-180 Cherokee D, yet fused electro-using pressurized water worked retractable undercarriage (complete with a self bringing down framework that defended against the pilot neglecting to do along these lines, consequently bringing down when velocity arrived at 170km/h/91kt and a certain motor complex weight), a fuel infused rendition of the PA-28-180's O-360, a steady speed propeller and an expanded max takeoff weight.

Generation exchanged later to the all the more compelling 150kw (200hp) IO-360-C1c fueled PA-28r-200 Cherokee Arrow II. Progressions incorporated the same 12.7cm (5in) extended fuselage presented on the Cherokee Challenger and Cherokee Charger, with more noteworthy back legroom and things limit, in addition to bigger even tail and dorsal blade filet.

The PA-28r-201 Arrow III first flew in September 1975, and was presented from 1976. The real change (additionally presented on the settled undercarriage PA-28s around then) was another longer decreased compass wing, while the most extreme takeoff weight was expanded. The turbocharged PA-28r-201t was additionally advertised.

The PA-28rt-201 and -201t Arrow IV presented another all moving T-tail. Generation of the Arrow IV stopped in 1982, and continued again in 1989, however stopped afresh in 1992. Rather Piper gave back where its due tailed Arrow III go into generation. Little numbers were implicit the early 1990s while Piper was under insolvency insurance. Since the rise of New Piper Inc in 1995 the Arrow III has been a piece of the stretched Piper line-up, albeit just little numbers have been manufactured.

Pictures of Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow