Piper PA-24 Comanche

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour seat high performance light aircraft
  • PowerplantsPA-24-250 - One 185kW (250hp) Lycoming O-540-A1A5 flat six driving a constant speed propeller. PA-24-400 - One 300kW (400hp) Lycoming IO-720-A1A flat eight driving a three blade c/s prop. PA-24-260 Turbo C - One 200kW (260hp) turbocharged and fuel injected IO-540-R1A5 flat six driving a two blade c/s prop.
  • PerformancePA-24-250 - Max speed 306km/h (165kt), max cruising speed 291km/h (157kt). Initial rate of climb 1350ft/min. Service ceiling 20,000ft. Max range with optional fuel 2665km (1440nm). PA-24-400 - Max speed 360km/h (194kt), max cruising speed 343km/h (185kt). Initial rate of climb 1600ft/min. Service ceiling 19,500ft. Range with standard fuel 2012km (1086nm), with optional fuel 2478km (1338nm). PA-24-260 Turbo C - Max speed 390km/h (210kt), max cruising speed 318km/h (172kt). Initial rate of climb 1320ft/min. Operating ceiling 25,000ft. Max range 2052km (1108nm), with optional fuel 2398km (1295nm).
  • WeightsPA-24-250 - Empty 767kg (1690lb), max takeoff 1315kg (2900lb). PA-24-400 - Empty 957kg (2110lb), max takeoff 1633kg (3600lb). PA-24-260 Turbo C - Empty 860kg (1894lb), max takeoff 1450kg (3200lb).
  • DimentionsPA-24-250 - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.59m (24ft 11in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.5m2 (178sq ft). PA-24-400 - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.84m (25ft 8in), height 2.39m (7ft 10in). Wing area 16.5m2 (178sq ft). PA-24-260 Turbo C - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.62m (25ft 0in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.5m2 (178sq ft).
  • CapacityStandard seating for four, Comanche B and C could have optional fifth and sixth seats.
  • ProductionTotal PA-24 production 4856, including 1143 180s, 2537 250s, 1028 260s and 260 Ts, and 148 400s.

Flute player's PA-24 Comanche was an elite retractable undercarriage single intended to test the created superior Beech Bonanza.

Flute player's first low wing single motor plan, the Comanche emphasized a retractable tricycle undercarriage, cleared back tail, flying tail or "stabilator" flat tail surfaces, laminar stream wing and all metal development, a glaring difference to Piper's prior high wing fabric secured outlines. The Comanche first flew on May 24 1956 and was conveyed to clients from late 1957 in PA-24-180 structure.

From that point forward through to the suspension of creation in June 1972 (because of flooding of Piper's Lock Haven plant), various logically higher execution variations were discharged. These incorporated 1958's 185kw (250hp) PA-24-250 and the 300kw (400hp) PA-24-400.

Only 148 400s were manufactured, in spite of Piper guaranteeing it to be the speediest creation four seat single accessible at the time. Its gigantic eight barrel IO-720 motor devoured fuel at a massive rate, implying that it was lavish to work, and there were issues with cooling the back barrels. Today anyway it has something of a small scale faction status.

Taking after the PA-24-400 was the PA-24-260 from 1964, with a 195kw (260hp) O-540 or IO-540, lastly the Rajay turbocharger fitted PA-24-260 Turbo C, accessible from 1970.

Pictures of Piper PA-24 Comanche