With 23 bags to check in – as an Olympic star travels

In a few days the winter Olympics begin games. Skier Tina Weirather told aeroTELEGRAPH, as she packs, how she's heading to Pyeongchang and what Tricks you apply on Board.

17 days Pyeongchang will be the hub of the sports world. Of 9. up to the age of 25. February 2018-the South Korean ski resort of about 3,500 athletes from 93 countries in 102 contests. At the winter Olympics with Tina Weirather is play. The Liechtenstein skier in the disciplines of downhill, Super-G and giant slalom at the Start.

Weirather went on Sunday to the famous Kandahar downhill in Garmisch - Partenkirchen on the podium and was third. You proved so in its current Form and is regarded as one of the favorites for an Olympic medal. Already on Monday (5. February) to break the 28-Year-old in the direction of Pyeongchang. There you will stay for 17 days. Accordingly, a lot of Luggage she has with. To aeroTELEGRAPH, the Olympic games participant described how she packs, how she flies to South Korea, as you check in, what you eat in the flight, or how you will ensure that you can sleep on Board.

The Itinerary

"After the last race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen we pack up everything and drive to the Munich airport. From there, we take the normal line of flight of Lufthansa direct to Seoul."

The Luggage

"Normally, we use to race Overseas in a cargo Container. There, the Skis, the ski preparation material, the instruments come in at the time of measurement, tools, and so on. My boots, I take as hand Luggage on the plane. You have to me adjusted. Without you, I can to simply not race. In South Korea, everything is a little different than usual. The customs clearance will take at least five days. So much time we have, since the last world Cup race on may 5. Held in February, and we want to train three days later in South Korea. Therefore, there is no Container. All the baggage comes with the plane. Specifically, our Mini-Team, consisting of my coach is the man, my service and me, 23 bags – ten Skisäcke, each with three Pairs of skis, wax material, Training equipment, as well as two bags with clothes and personal items. Each of these additional pieces of Luggage will cost 150 euros or 100 euros per ski bag. A more expensive fun. But otherwise it is not. The face of the lady at the Check-in Desk will be priceless, if you ask "How many pieces of Luggage did you check?" and I answer: "23"."

The Comfort

"With flight times of about six hours, I fly Business Class. The difference to the Economy-Class Ticket, I'll pay. Is it worth it to me, since I must already be the day after the trip back powerful. It has enough space, can put horizontally in the case of most Airlines, the seat completely, and therefore I can sleep as a side sleeper, much better, and arrive relaxed and refreshed at your destination. At most airlines, there are as an athlete, of course, no special treatment. In the case of Swiss it can happen, however, that it is mentioned in the adoption by the captain. After my podium in Lake Louise, I was surprised with a bottle of champagne and a large box of chocolates."

The Flight

"Got it, already the at to change and find the new rhythm. Here discipline, you have to force yourself to Sleep, or to stay awake. I wear compression stockings, it could be quite unpleasant to have to deal with swollen feet in my tight ski boots."

The Food

"For food I'll take with me always. In order not to burden my body in addition, there is something Familiar. A wholemeal sandwich with Turkey meat, lettuce, and cucumber, served with fruit, a few nuts. And – very important – always drink plenty of water. My Trick to falling Asleep: a glass of red wine and a tablet of Melatonin, a natural sleep hormone."


"The Olympic games are held in the middle of the season, and at the Other end of the world. Accordingly, it is important that I can recover on the flight as well as possible. That is to say: Quickly something to eat, and then sleep a lot. The entertainment system remains in the optimal case without prejudice. Since I can't sleep the whole travel time of twelve hours, I'll watch a movie. I enjoy the time in the air and I can relax on the plane wonderfully. I have to admit, (and Yes, especially in Business Class), I feel a bit like a Princess."

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