Where the fly is preferred

In which countries are airline tickets cheap, in which expensive? This shows an investigation now. The leader in terms of cheap flights found in Southeast Asia.

The flight search engine, Kiwi has published your air fare index for the second time. This compares 80 countries and shows where air tickets are the cheapest and the most expensive. For this, the company has inside and outside the peak travel period analyzed more than 1 million flights according to own statements and calculated average ticket prices per 100 km flight. The study differentiates between low cost and traditional airlines, shows but also the average of both in a Championship.

The results: there the best Short-haul flights with low-cost airlines with 2.79 euro per 100 km in Bulgaria, the most expensive in Qatar with 80,42 euros. On the low cost long haul Sweden is winning with 1.20 euro, back in the rankings are the United Arab Emirates with 35,67 euros. At the traditional airlines, Brazil is preferred with 3.66 euro and Chile most expensive with 139,71 euro short-haul. On long-haul with conventional airlines, Lithuania with 2.33 euros and the United Arab Emirates with 45,16 euro make the extremes.

This is how the calculation works

Kiwi from different air fares from the capital to up to five major cities of the country has calculated the average prices for short-sea shipping or domestic flights. To calculate the foreign - or long-haul flights, air fares were determined to up to five international hubs from all international airports of the country.

To see who is at the front and at the back the overall result in the above Gallery.

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