Where Airlines own streets have been immortalized

Delta Boulevard, Alitalia Avenue, Lufthansa ring: World's streets are named after airlines. A Selection.

Streets are often named after their purpose. Or to towns, land, animals, plants, mountains, lakes, or first name. But also, personalities or historical events can be found on the signs. So main street, school street, garden road, village road or station road are the most common names in Germany.

Also, companies are becoming immortalized with a private road, if you are for the municipality of historically or economically significant. Also, airlines are on the signs sometimes. Thus, it was renamed in 2009, in Cologne, a part of the forest road in the road, after the Airline had moved into the city.

Sometimes far, far away

Worldwide, there are dozens of such Airline roads. Often, the reference is clear. Thus, the airlines often get in the city, your own street, where you have your headquarters. Sometimes, but they are also quite far.

You can see in the above picture gallery of streets from all over the world, which were named after airlines.

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