What are the changes at Lufthansa optically else

Not only will the aircraft be painted at Lufthansa. Also hundreds of Other things, designed the Airline.

The Gretchen question, don't want the reply to Carsten Spohr. "What is the cost of the new brand identity we give to it is not known," says the CEO of Lufthansa on Wednesday (7. February) in Frankfurt. He assured, however, that you'll keep the cost as low as possible. So the planes will be painted only if you are anyway maintained. That's why it takes seven years for all of the Lufthansa-plane will come in the new dress.

It was simply time for the entire presentation refresh, Spohr. Lufthansa have changed in the last 30 years the Details, but never the entire "brand world" has been combed. Also in the Interior of the aircraft, you have changed a lot. Only the outside, the appearance had stayed the same. Thus, a certain was wild growth. The changes now.

Yellow as a signal color

The person responsible was disturbed by increasingly. "It just wasn't clear what the Lufthansa-color – Blue or Yellow", so Spohr. Therefore, you have to want to commit to a color. Blue stand for quality and solidity, so you have chosen Blue as the main color. Yellow disappear, therefore, but not, hastened to add "It is missing only on the first view," said the chief. The color will be used much more effectively.

Yellow stands for Lufthansa's new for interaction with the customer. It gets a signal. Thus, for example, on billboards, Board, cards or accessories of flight attendants.

You can see in the above images gallery Details of the new website of Lufthansa, in addition to the aircraft.


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