Was illegally traveling plane of Lamia?

When the Avro RJ85 Lamia in Colombia crashed, she was on the road according to a media report without valid insurance. It was not the only political offence in the Chapecoense tragedy.

For the Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, it was a great triumph in tough times. In early May of the Brazilian football club won the Championship of the State of Santa Catarina. And this just six months after almost all the crew in a plane crash in Colombia.

The investigators work while still on the clarification of the causes of the accident of flight LMI2933 on November 26, 2016. It is clear on the basis of the first interim report: the Avro RJ85 Lamia crashed due to fuel shortage. It came because of lack of supervision as well as numerous crimes and misdeeds of the pilots and the airline. The Managing Director of the airline is therefore still in pre-trial detention.

Also forbidden land flown

Turns now, the actions of management go may yet much further than previously assumed. Apparently, the insurance for the two aircraft by Lamia was expired February 2016, as CNN reported Español. At that time, bisa Seguros of airline had communicated due payments fulfilment of, the fleet was no longer insured. This means that the Avro had actually no longer may start.

That's not all. Even if the police had been still in force, the Avro RJ85 would not to fly to Colombia. Because Colombia was expressly excluded as a destination in the contract with the insurance. The report to vote, not only of shoddy suspicion against the management, but also against the Bolivian aviation authority condensed. Bolivia rejected the report but that the fleet had been insured.


The Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil would have absolutely must intervene in this case. Head of Agency at the time but was Gustavo Vargas Villegas, the son of the Chief of Lamia Gustavo Vargas Gamboa. He also sits in prison.


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