This is the new A320 seat of the Lufthansa Airlines

Standardization in the Economy: The passengers from the Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss will take in the future on the same Seats.

In January, the Lufthansa group announced plans to standardize the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 of Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, eurowings, Lufthansa and Swiss. Now, a concrete step, at least for three of the five airlines: Austrian airlines, Swiss and Lufthansa get for the first time, a single seat in the Economy Class.

This is the model Essenza Italian firm Geven. The seat is to be installed in all by the start of 2019 at the Lufthansa airlines delivered Jets of the A320-family. The individual Airline brands remain on the Seats or visible. Also in the colors of the upholstery of the chair are distinguishable.

Stronger Tendency

With regard to the structure, is disposed in the literature pocket at Essenza over the table in landscape format. Lufthansa promises to passengers as a result, "more personal space". In addition, the backrest is inclined during the rolling operation, take-off and landing of 20 degrees to the rear, and not, as previously, to 12 degrees. In Business Class, 26 degrees in cruise flight.

"In addition to benefits for customers is the reduction of weight and maintenance were also at the centre of development," says Lufthansa on Wednesday (11. April). The Essenza is 7.9 pounds. The width is approximately 18,3 inch.

Also Wizz Air relies on Essenza

The group wants to achieve through the unification for the Seats that you can Jets reconstructed quickly and without great effort, if you transferred them between flight lines. So you could move the "aircraft and capacity easier and more efficient between the Airlines and hubs in the group," it says. "In addition, Other synergies in purchasing of aircraft and components resulting from the unification."

For the seat manufacturer, Geven, it is not the only message of success these days. On Tuesday (10. April) reported, Wizz Air, will equip 110 Airbus A321 Neo with the seat model Essenza. The planes to be delivered starting in January 2019, over a period of five years.

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