This Boeing 777X will never fly

In Everett, Boeing has built the first 777X is ready. You, however, will never fly, but on the ground of extreme Tests exposed.

She is the first born. Boeing has built in the Everett factory in Seattle, the first 777X is ready. To properly finish the machine work. The tip of the nose is missing, its lack of engines, the tail is missing and the on-Board electronics, the so-called avionics is missing. The everything you don't need to. Because of this Triple Seven-X is never going to fly.

The number one Boeing 777X is the Aircraft, a so-called Static Test. With your be conducted in the coming weeks of stress testing on the ground. It tested the resilience of the fuselage and wings, by you will be charged 50 per cent, above their actual borders. The wings, for example, is bent about eight meters high.

A total of six test machines

Thousands of Sensors measure during the Tests, the reactions of the material. Previously, the individual components have been extensively stress tested.

Stress test of the Airbus A350 wing. Image: Airbus

Overall, Boeing builds the Static Test Aircraft is a machine that will never fly, and four Jets, the flight test program complete. The first airworthy Boeing 777X is already almost finished.

You can see in the above image gallery images of the first test machine and learn more about the 777X – among Other things, also a record.

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