These Airlines disappeared 2017

For the air travel of 2017 was a good year and the Outlook to 2018. Many airlines no longer experience the new year.

The International air transport Association Iata looks back with satisfaction and hope fully to the front: "to The strong profitability of the airlines is likely to continue to 2018," she writes. According to their forecast, the global is likely to increase the net profit of the industry – from 34.5 billion in 2017 to 38.4 billion dollars in the current year. "Strong demand, efficiency, and reduced interest payments will facilitate this increase in profits despite rising costs," argues the organization.

The number of passengers should rise according to the analysis, to 4.3 billion in the year 2018. In 2017, there were still 4.1 billion. Thus, the average net profit per passenger will grow according to Iata, from 8.45 8.90 dollars. Also in the case of freight, the Figures are expected to climb up to 62.5 million tons in 2018 after 59.9 metric tons in 2017.

The rising cost of fuel

While the Association says North American airlines is the best power to predict, he expects the African Airlines as a tail light with a loss of a total of 100 million dollars. In General, Iata-Chef Alexandre de Juniac said: "It is still a tough business, and we are on the cost front due to rising fuel, labour and infrastructure costs."

Many airlines no longer experience all of these growth opportunities and challenges for 2018. You set 2017 the operation, went bankrupt or were taken over. What are the Airlines, the goods you see in our pictures above gallery.

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