The new Lufthansa-Blue, Version 2

The German airline had to revise the Blue of her new paint. It was too dark. Now Lufthansa shows the result.

Your new brand has celebrated Lufthansa at the beginning of February. No wonder: for the First time in almost 30 years, their planes get a new paint. In addition to the Disappearance of the Yellow one jumped at the time, many in the eye: The new Blue is much darker or "deeper and richer", as the German airline called itself. Already in the first public appearance showed The Blue is not only dark, but almost Black.

And Lufthansa once again went on the books. The blue lacquer I and has a much darker cast than was in the test environment, the case, the justification. Now the result of the colors was presented to the exam. And lo and behold: The Blue is now much brighter. But it remains darker than it had been in the previous painting.

You can see in the above image gallery images of the first machine with the new Blue.

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