The man with the green adhesive tape

Before Emirates takes on an Airbus A380, must-amine Java have to be Okay. He is Acceptance Manager and check each plane on its suitability

Still being worked on in the interior of the Airbus A380 busily. A worker stands on a ladder in the main deck and the bows shelf with a compartment of the Luggage. He brings the lifting mechanism in Position. A floor higher, a colleague of his is one of the armchairs on the ground between two Business-Class and mounted a footrest. Elsewhere in the plane, many Other workers are busy on your work. In the belly of the super jumbos will be removed, tapped, sanded and screwed.

In a few weeks, this A380 will fly passengers for Emirates by the world. At the Airbus plant in Finkenwerder in Hamburg, he gets the Fleinschliff, the cabin is built. Between all of the workers, a man in wine is a red shirt and dark jacket through the plane. In his Hand he holds a green tape. He looks at the lights at the Bar in the upper deck and holds. "Here, this gives off a brighter light," he says, and sticks a small strip of green to it.

All Aviation Engineers

The man with the green adhesive amine-Java, Acceptance Manager, Emirates tyres. The 56-Year-old is responsible, that everything is just right in Detail, if the A380 will be included in the fleet of Gulf airline. His Job he does with this A380 for the first Time. 94 95 super Jumbo, which he has tested and found to be good.

Java has made his office in Hamburg, Germany, where the A380 for the customer. Studied aerospace engineering with an MBA is not working alone, seven colleagues with him. There are also aerospace engineers. The Acceptance Team is involved in the whole production process, which takes 120 days. You will witness the birth of the giant bird from the beginning to the end. So small corrections can be continuously corrected by the Airbus experts.

Close Cooperation

On every A380, Java and his Team found about one hundred things you complain about. It can't be just a false hue of a lamp, but also a scratch in the Base of the Business-Class armchair, a poorly polished stone faucet, a nice closed seam. The Emirates staff don't miss a thing. "Everything must meet our high Standards", so Java.

The experts of Airbus advance go to Java and his Team. They also run a number of times by each aircraft. You have red tape in the Hand and kleiben it everywhere where you discover the A380 defects, to fix it. "We work very closely with them," says the Emirates-Manager.

Contact to the banks

Java grew up in Kenya and worked first for Kenya Airways, before he held various management positions in the aviation and health industry, and then thrust the Emirates. As Acceptance Manager, it is not only the responsibility to discover defects, but to manage the whole delivery process to the end.

The Job of Java, and his Team culminated in the last nine days. In this time the last of the inspections to be carried out, the acceptance flight carried out, the Software loaded, the labelling changed, and at the end of the title to be overwritten. The engineer is in close contact with the banks in Dubai, the transfer of the agreed purchase price to Airbus, or with the lawyers of the Emirates, which do all the paperwork.

From A to Z

Despite the Routine, it is for Java and his colleagues every Time an experience when the A380 starts in Hamburg and in the direction of Dubai flies. "We know this plane so well like no one else," says Java. But he knows: There will be a lot of A380, whose development will follow from A to Z.

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