So it travels in the Airlander

From the longest flight in the world the device is supposed to be a cargo and passenger variant. Now, the manufacturer of the Airlander 10 shows, for the first time in a luxury cabin.

Looks like the future of luxury air travel? The Airlander 10, the 92 meters is the longest flight in the world, a device is presented for the first time from the inside – at least on the computer screen. The manufacturer, Hybrid Air Vehicles, and the company Design Q in front of a cabin concept for the huge air ship. It'll show "what is possible in the luxurious expedition tourism", - stated in the message.

Up to 19 passengers can fly featured in the cabin for up to three days. It is 46 meters long, has large Windows and a partially transparent floor, which houses a Bar, as well as private cabins for the passengers. In aviation it is today, mostly just about getting from A to B, Stephen McGlennan, CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles. "We offer a way to make the trip a pleasure."

Also as a freighter can be used

The Airlander 10 is filled with Helium and can start according to the manufacturer, on almost any flat surface and land. The well presented cabin is not the only variant of the giant aircraft. In the past, the manufacturer had to interact both with a capacity of 48 pass called as well as the Option to carry up to 10 tons of cargo.

You can see in the above picture gallery of the luxury cabin of the Airlander 10.

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