Luxurious Boeing 747-8 seeks new owner

Who wants to stand out with an exclusive aircraft, you may now: A Boeing 747-8 with luxury amenities is for sale.

The airline should just need a Boeing 747, she would not have had. In the light of the Corona-crisis-fleets Airlines like Lufthansa, KLM or Qantas mass-Jumbo-Jets from. The value of the four emitters is reduced and many of the pilots are switching over to a new owner, but scrapped.

Currently, also a Boeing 747 but is for sale, which is different in the Interior of the specimens of the airlines and also a very different target audience. Amac Aerospace offers on behalf of a non-referred customer with a 747-8. The Swiss luxury outfitter for the Jet a buyer out of the area, VVIP – very, very important people.

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