Lufthansa has also improved at the crane

Not only is the Blue on the aircraft is new. Lufthansa has also retouched the Logo on the tail again.

After 14 weeks in Repair Lufthansa has presented its corrected Blue. It is significantly brighter than the one in February, as presented. The airline was established after the introduction of the new livery, that of the first-selected tone is often very dark, sometimes Black. We have therefore adjusted the "nuances in the color gradation of the Blue," a spokesman for the airline.

Quietly, Lufthansa has improved in addition to the Blue, but also elsewhere. Readers of aeroTELEGRAPH noticed on the first images of the revised flyer-paint immediately that the crane Logo on the tail bigger. In Frankfurt, a spokesman confirmed the presumption: "In the course of the optimization process, the Logo was enlarged on the tail, in order to increase the long-distance effect of the crane in the new Design."

Filigranerer Crane

With the introduction of the new design of the crane had been adjusted already once. He was declared "filigree", as Lufthansa at the time. The distances between the springs were larger. In addition, the Airline replaced the Yellow in the Logo with White. And now the changed Logo has been enlarged.

With the now again revised livery, Lufthansa adopted finally by the current, which is already 30 years old. The most striking and most discussed Change is the elimination of the color Yellow in the Logo.

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