Lufthansa Foundation makes Ju-52 still flying

Ju-Air will soon start again with your Ju-52. Also the Lufthansa-Stiftung sees no reason to keep your machine on the ground. The Swiss authorities make demands and warn.

After the crash of a Junkers Ju-52 with 20 dead on Saturday (4. August) in the Swiss Alps, the flight-Airline Ju-Air soon be operating again. The Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung, which is called one of seven airworthy Ju-52, looks after the accident, no reason to keep the plane on the ground.

The Foundation will notify that you have decided, after careful Consideration, the operation of the aircraft. There is no technical or operational reasons that could give rise to the Ju-52 fly, the Lufthansa Foundation. "The operation is safe because there are very clear legal requirements for the maintenance," said a spokesman.

Built in 1936, today well booked

You stand in close contact with colleagues in Switzerland, but to speculate in any way to the cause of the accident, so the Tenor in Germany. The Swiss Supervisory authority calls by Ju-Air, however, measures. The flight line must ensure "that the crews and the maintenance personnel mental are able to guarantee a safe flight operation", the Federal office for civil aviation Foca in a statement. In addition, it is stated: "of the 17.8. new findings would meet the Foca measures and, if necessary, a temporary flight ban issue."

The Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung referred to the Ju-52 as the heart of their historic fleet. "Experienced in 1936, after its production in the Junkers works in Dessau, and its maiden flight," she writes. "First of all, when Lufthansa used to, she spent almost 20 years alternating between Germany and Norway." Then they flew to Ecuador and the United States, and to Lufthansa bought it in 1984 and restored.

Appointments booked

The historical marks of the Ju-52 of the Foundation's D-AQUI, your current registration D-CDLH. The Foundation lists a total of 19 German departure points for Round - and-haul flights. Most of the dates from now until the end of October are already fully booked.

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