KLM keeps their 747 a bit longer

Actually, should be in two years end. However, KLM has decided to make its last Boeing 747 2021 shut down.

The Dutchman does not stand on the sidelines. They follow the General Trend in the industry and lay out their Boeing 747 to a standstill. Newer types of aircraft for passengers more comfortable, they are eco-friendly and, most of all, they are more economical. The is not immune to KLM.

Only one KLM in the outplacement of the fleet of Jumbo Jets are nicer than elsewhere. And occurs now even on the brake. Instead, as planned, in two years, the last 747 will be sent now until the end of the summer flight plan 2021 in retirement. A spokesman for KLM confirmed aeroTELEGRAPH a report of the specialist portal Up in the Sky. To optimize the fleet continuously and adjust if necessary to the outplacement of the fleet schedule.

Replaced by the Dreamliner and A350

KLM began two years ago with the slow adoption of the 747. At that time, the airline had 22 Jumbo-Jets in the fleet. In the meantime, there are only 13. Four of them are classic, 747-400 and nine 747-400 Combi, which can carry in Obderdeck cargo container.

This year is likely to be ausgeflottet in the case of KLM, in turn, around three 747. The 13 remaining machines have an average age of around 24 years. Be replaced the machine with the Boeing 787-9 and 787-10 Dreamliner and Airbus A350.

Elsewhere it is more

Many airlines have already moved on. Delta, United, Singapore Airlines, Air France – you all and many more have retired their 747 for a long time. KLM is despite a steady reduction after British Airways and Lufthansa, still today, the largest operator of the Jumbo Jets.

With the last flight in 2021, KLM can celebrate a round anniversary. 16. In January 1971, the airline had acquired its first Jumbo Jet, carrying goods, a 747-200, registration PH-BUA.

Shots of the 747 in KLM and the first machine of the low countries, you can see in the above image gallery with Video.

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