In October, Boom shows the first prototype

The project for a new Concorde has around four years of delay - it is moving forward. In October, Boom Supersonic shows the small prototype of a passenger-Überschalljets.

2.2 Times the speed of sound Overture to be one day, and space for 55 passengers. But before the new Überschalljet stands out, builds, Boom, Supersonic a smaller test plane, called XB-1, or Baby Boom. On 7. October, he is shown during the Rollout ceremony for the first time to the Public, such as the American company on Wednesday (8. July) announced.

The first flight has now been postponed to 2021. So Boom with the XB-1 has been already four years late. Behind the company is also Japan Airlines and the Virgin Group. So far, it was able to record 30 aircraft pre-orders.

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