Huge hole in engine cowling of an A330

A China Eastern flight to Shanghai had to turn back to Sydney. The engine of the Airbus A330 had failed. Also gaped suddenly a huge hole in the Panel.

The Airbus A330-200 from China Eastern launched on Sunday (June 11) at 20:42 local time at Kingsford Smith International Airport from Sydney. Flight MU736 the passengers should have brought in around 10:20 hours to Shanghai. But shortly after take-off, the pilot reported a problem with the left engine. «Engine fault number one», she radioed to the control tower.

Audio of tonight ’ s China Eastern flight #MU736. Uncontained failure just after departure from Sydney. Great audio: „ engine fooked “.

-Flight (@flightorg) 11 June 2017

The A330 flew on towards the start and climbed to approximately 1500 m above sea level. There the pilots from China Eastern turned off the engine. They also noted that a large hole gaped in the fairing of the engine. You circled afterwards awhile over the region. After about an hour, they ended up without any problems again in Sydney. Return local media after passengers reported a loud bang and a burning smell. A spokeswoman for the airline confirmed the incident and spoke of an «engine problem».

No wreckage found

The airport was according to the specialist portal aviation Herald search off the piste. There were no wreckage. Everything points to a so-called uncontained engine failure. Such interference in the engine, parts are blown off, which can damage the motor itself or the plane.

2016, there was a similar incident at Southwest Airlines. At that time, engine parts hit a hole in the fuselage of the Boeing 737.

See photos of the damaged engine of the Airbus A330 of China Eastern in the above Gallery.

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