Here is the first Beluga XL rolls

Airbus has built the first copy of the giant Transporter finished. In the summer the Beluga XL is going to fly for the first time.

Two years ago, the production has been started. Now the whole plane cell – so the fuselage structure, tail unit, control unit and chassis – is finished; the first Beluga XL. These days, the giant Transporter has been rolled out in Toulouse for the first time out of the Hangar, such as Airbus.

"The whole Team is looking forward to his first flight," commented program Director Bertrand George of the event. The maiden flight of the Beluga XL is expected by the middle of 2018. Thus, Airbus has around one and a half years late. Originally, the first flight for the beginning of 2017 it was planned.

In the future, faster construction

With the Rollout of the first machine, the construction of the second was begun. Thanks to the experience gained in the production of the first Beluga XL, you'll be quicker this Time, George. Approximately two months of production of the time you'll save.

The successor to the special Transporter Beluga is built on the Basis of the A330-200, replacing the existing Beluga, is 56 feet long and its fuselage is measuring in diameter 7,71 meters. The diameter of the new Beluga XL is about a metre bigger and the fuselage is six feet longer. Also, the cargo capacity increases from 47 to 53 tonnes.

Space for two wings of the A350

The old Beluga has been doing for almost 25 years in service. Most of the five built copies official designation of A300 – 600 ST-parts between the various Airbus plants in Europe to fly back and forth. For the production of the A350, the Beluga is no longer enough, in spite of various measures to increase efficiency. For this it needs the Beluga XL. He may take instead of only one wing of the A350 is equal to two.

You can see in the above image gallery images of the first Airbus Beluga XL.

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