Helvetic Airways creates a long-flight record

In the case of the Acquisition of the fifth Embraer E190-E2 Helvetic flew Airways direct: The regional airline tried successfully to create a record.

Four Embraer E190-E2 Helvetic Airways has already. The fifth copy completed on Thursday (2. July) its delivery flight. Something this Time was different. Instead of a stopover, the HB-RUS crossed the Atlantic ocean without.

The previous four E190-E2, the Swiss regional airline controlled by the Embraer plant in the airport of São José dos Campos, respectively, to Recife, and from there across the Atlantic to Gran Canaria and then to Zurich. The HB-RUS, and at the same time the 1600. E-Jet from Embraer is, took a much more direct Route. São José dos Campos you first flew to Natal in the extreme North-East of Brazil.

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