Gulf Air dress new

The national airline of Bahrain wants to return to the path of Success. Help is also a completely revamped brand.

Gulf Air is in the midst of a total renovation. For many years the national airline of Bahrain was in the red. Then the Management began to sharply reduce its staff and to renew the inefficient fleet. The beginning to have an impact. The losses are small. Now the management even thinks back to growth.

This change should also be visible from the outside. Therefore, Gulf missed Air a new brand identity. To see for the first time, he is on the first Dreamliner for the airline. Last Friday (6. April) inspects the freshly painted Boeing 787-9 of government and corporate representatives, to the end of the month it is delivered. After that, it is used on the important Route to Manama – London.

Falcon remains prominent

Most striking Change: The dominant feature of Gold disappears, the majority of the aircraft. Only on the engines. To find the Blue that had graced the engines. On the tail of a hawk, but it is now almost whole, and not cut as before emblazoned. He is golden on beige. The lettering Gulf Air is in large letters on the front of the fuselage.

Also the interior is set to change with the dream liners a lot. Gulf Air is refreshing with the aircraft the cabin. The 26 Business Class seats in the Boeing 787-9 will provide almost as much as they are elsewhere in the First Class. On the first images, but also a kind of Mini-Suite is to be seen. In Economy Class in a 3-3-3 configuration, there is a new 256 seats with a large screen and a new entertainment system

In the above image gallery to see shots of the new Look of Gulf Air.

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