From zero to world group in 20 years

Because Brazil wanted to be independent from foreign countries, created the military government of 1969, a private aircraft manufacturer. A look back at the rise of Embraer.

From the mid-sixties mood of optimism prevailed in Brazil. The economy grew annually by almost 10 percent and the poverty was reduced among the population of the largest South American country is steadily increasing. Quickly was referred to as the "Brazilian miracle".

Was driven by the Boom of the military government. You did this on the Pump, what should revenge, however, until many years later. First of all, it worked perfectly. The Junta has invested in the infrastructure and built up their own industries to be less dependent on foreign countries. In aviation, too, the Regime wanted to join in yourself. And so it was on 19. August 1969, founded the Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica, abbreviated Embraer.

The First Success

Preliminary work had the Focke done by the army, affiliated to the Centro Técnico de Aeronáutica CTA – with the help of the German aircraft designer Henrich. The organization had developed in the mid-sixties, under the name of the project, the IPD-6504 a plane on unpaved runways take off and land and so remote municipalities in Brazil could reach. The first flight took place in October 1968.

For series production it is not needed, however a larger company, the CTA was able to. To do this, Embraer was created. Their first product from the IPD-6504 project derived Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante with 19 seats. 498 piece of a two-engine propeller-driven aircraft were built until 1991. Agricultural and training pilot were added quickly to the offer of the company, driven by orders of the military, flourished.

In the crisis

Until the mid-seventies, Embraer was focused on the domestic. First with the EMB-120 Brasilia for 30 passengers, the Brazilians were also directed to foreign customers. The plane flew in 1983 for the first Time and was a success. 354 units were sold.

The ascent to the serious manufacturer of regional aircraft was then not in a straight line. With the development of the Turboprop aircraft, the CBA 123 Vector Embraer failed. It was much too expensive and therefore never built in series. The company slipped into a deep crisis. Three-quarters of the workforce had to be reduced. A consequence of this: in 1994 the company was privatized.

Privatized with a new thrust

The Embraer got well. The group was consistently on the export market. He developed according to the Trend to the nozzle planes is a new aircraft family of Regional Jets. In 1989, was presented as the first model of the ERJ 145, at 11. In August of 1995, she flew for the first Time. More than 1000 copies were sold in the consequence.

The Brazilians with their E picked up Jets, which were from 2002, in the air. Around 1400 copies they sold of it – it was definitely a breakthrough. In 2005, they went into the business with business jets.

Modernized Series

The success of the E-Jets wants to Embraer with the modernized E2-Jet-repeat series. Also Boeing will benefit. Because the American group will have the Say over the civil division of Embraer. On 5. July 2018, the two companies presented their Plan for a Joint Venture under the leadership of the Americans.

You can see in the above image gallery images from the history of Embraer.

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