Fly Norwegian soon about the Antarctic?

A flight over the Antarctic could connect South America with Asia - with a stopover in Perth, Australia. Norwegian should be interested in the Route.

In March of last year, the low-cost airline Norwegian, founded in Argentina, a spin-off called Norwegian Air Argentina. In December, the new Airline got the rights for 80 international and 72 domestic routes awarded. In January of 2018, they received their air operator's certificate. Of the flight operations in the domestic could start in June.

Meanwhile, it plans to continue with the airline. According to the newspaper, The West Australian, even a lot more. According to her, Norwegian Air Argentina Buenos Aires than Perth, will fly to Singapore. The Airline had received the rights for the Route to Perth and try currently, the rights to Singapore, according to the paper.

Chamber of Commerce promotes TRANS-polar flight

Norwegians press spokesman, however, compared to the Norwegian news website E24 on the brake. It was an interesting Route, but you don't plan to start soon, says Sandaker-Nielsen. Norwegian check constantly new Connections and be in contact with various countries and stakeholders. That is hot but not automatically, that you'll open up a Route, said the spokesperson.

Importance of the subject obtained by the Argentine chamber of Commerce in Australia. Director Diego Berazategui presented at the 20. February West Australian business representatives, as well as the Argentine Ambassador, a study of the potential of Perth as a hub between South America and Asia. "The study shows that a TRANS-polar flight between Buenos Aires and Perth-it takes less than 15 hours, and Perth would position it as the ideal for international travellers between Asia and Latin America," promotes Berazategui.

Other Airline interested?

In the current illustrations of the chamber of Commerce is to see a Route to the directly over the South pole. In the design of their study, the dates from October 2017, however, it says: "Perth and Buenos Aires are diametrically opposed, with the South pole in the middle, so that the flights always fly to the East and back can take advantage of winds." The graphics in the investigation is to see that the Jets fly partially over Antarctic mainland, but not in the middle of the continent Antarktiks.

Norwegian Air Argentina is not mentioned in the study. The Online Portal So Perth writes, other airlines to consider the Route. According to The West Australian, China Southern, Singapore Airlines, and Qantas should have the rights to fly the route. The question arises whether the lobbying by the trade speaks of the chamber, also for the interest of other Argentine airlines, and if so, what are the.

Qantas goes to ultra long-haul

Qantas takes meanwhile, on 25. In March, the first non-stop connection between Australia and Europe on: Perth – London. Later, in Perth, Paris, Perth, Rome and Perth – Frankfurt are to follow. In addition, the Australian Airline, has turned to Airbus and Boeing, with the challenge to deliver a plane, with Qantas beginning in 2022, Sydney nonstop to London Heathrow and New York JFK can fly.

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