Embraer stands animal

Advertising with motifs from nature: The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer is not only a shark stand out, but also sends a Tiger and an eagle in the air.

Embraer and the paint manufacturer Akzo Nobel have missed three E2-Jets in special liveries. The noses of the machines now look like a Tiger, a shark or eagle. The painting you received at the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer in São José dos Campos. With the colors of the Dutch chemical company, the coral reef has recently been implemented in a very different motive: paint on the Airbus A380 from Hi Fly.

During the Portuguese Wet-Lease calls provider to its super-Jumbo for the protection of the coral reefs, Embraers approach less honorig: The animal motifs to serve the campaign, called "Profit Hunter" (profit hunter), with which the manufacturer has its E2-flyer advertises. The E190-E2 with the shark Design was in August on the Africa Tour and demonstration carried out flights in Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Mauritius. Since the beginning of September, Embraer, the Jet is now in Europe.

You can see all three finishes in the above pictures gallery.

What animal Embraer-painting do you like best?

Tiger Eagle Hai All I don't like

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